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How to Make Butter In An Emergency

how to make butter

Many families are learning how to make butter as a “just in case” strategy as well as for good ole fashioned fun.

You’re proud and secure in the fact you’ve stored weeks’ or even months’ worth of food for the inevitable collapse. But what happens if the grocery stores don’t reopen, and you’re living indefinitely off your own resources? There are some things you’d miss quite a bit – including butter. Here’s how to make it, plain and simple.


The ingredients are simple:

1 pint of heavy cream or heavy whipping cream
Salt (to be added at the end of the process)


The equipment list is even more simple:
A glass jar


How To Make Butter:

1. Pour the heavy cream into the jar, tighten the lid, and shake! After about 7 minutes, the cream becomes whipped cream. After about 3 more minutes of shaking, the whipped cream begins to separate into butter and buttermilk.


2. Pour the buttermilk into a separate container. You can drink it or save it for cooking.


3. Now wash the remainder of the buttermilk off the butter by pouring enough clean water into the jar with the butter to cover it completely. Swish it around enough to rinse and then drain the water from the jar.


4. Place the butter in another container (such as a small bowl) and mix it around with a fork or knife to release any additional buttermilk and pour it off again.


5. Add salt to taste. You’re done! You’ve made your own butter. One pint of whipping cream yields almost exactly 1 cup of butter, equal to 2 sticks.


Interestingly, shaking works faster than a hand-held electric mixer, which can make whipped cream in about a minute, but takes about 14 more minutes to turn it into butter.


How To Make Butter From Scratch

One final consideration is where to get the cream if the grid collapses. Heavy cream is simply the cream that floats to the top of the milk (straight from the cow, that is). If you’re lucky enough to live near a dairy farm, you’ve got that option. Or you could get your own cow and make butter truly from scratch!

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