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REPORT: Genetically Engineered Food Could Destroy Your Stomach

stomach pain gmo food

New scientific studies indicate that genetically engineered or genetically modified (GM) food could destroy your stomach and cause giant tumors and premature death. The research, which has been ignored by the mainstream media, shows that genetically modified foods could be responsible for a lot of stomach problems. They could also have unknown effects on the female reproductive system.

A group of scientists decided to test the effects of genetically modified feed on pigs and got some very frightening results as a report by Dr. Judy Carman, one of the researchers, indicated. Among other things, Carman found that male pigs that ate GM soy and corn were four times more likely to develop stomach inflammation than male hogs that ate natural feed. Female swine were 2.2 times as likely to develop inflammation if they ate genetically modified grains.

Destroying the Stomach

Other problems increased by the consumption of genetically modified food included stomach ulcers and bowel diseases, Carman’s report indicates. Hogs were also more likely to develop hemorrhagic bowel disease in which they literally bleed to death because of stomach problems.

The discovery was made when scientists led by Carman conducted autopsies on the pigs. They also made another frightening discovery—that a diet of genetically modified grains affected the female reproductive system. They didn’t see any effects on fertility, but the veterinarians that cut up the hogs noted that the uteruses of the females that ate the GM food were 25 percent larger than normal.

What the study proves is that the consumption of GM foods can severely damage the stomach and cause profound changes to the female reproductive system. It isn’t known if these effects could occur in humans, but since the human reproductive system is similar to that of a hog, it is safe to assume it will.

The change was profound and easy to see; the stomachs of the pigs that ate the genetically modified food were a different color than the stomachs of other pigs in photographs posted online. The changes are easy to see, and they cannot be ignored. The problems that could be caused by this are many; they could include stomach cancer, serious stomach infections, food allergies, and nutritional deficiencies caused by poor digestion.

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So what’s going on here? The most likely cause of this is that some GM foods are engineered with pesticides and herbicide in them. This includes Monsanto’s GM corn, which protects plants from the company’s Roundup herbicide. One possibility is that the pesticides and possibly Roundup, which is a poison, are getting into the stomach and destroying it.

gmo pig stomach

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A strong possibility is that farmers use far more herbicide than they should because the corn is herbicide resistant. Herbicide is a deadly poison, and it has been shown to have numerous health effects. Remember that Agent Orange, the chemical that made large numbers of people sick during the Vietnam War, was an herbicide. And in case you were wondering, Agent Orange was manufactured by Monsanto.

Genetically Modified Food Causes Giant Tumors

Unfortunately, that may be just the tip of the iceberg; among other things, genetically modified foods and Roundup have also been linked to giant tumors in rats. The story has been published in the British trade journal The Grocer but not in the U.S. media.

Scientists found that rats fed Roundup and NK603, a kind of Roundup-resistant corn developed by Monsanto, developed huge mammary tumors. They also suffered severe liver and kidney damage. The rats fed NK603 died much younger than the rats fed a regular diet.

In fact, 70 percent of the female rats fed NK603 or forced to drink Roundup-contaminated water died prematurely. Around 50 percent of the male rats in the same groups also died prematurely. If that wasn’t bad enough, 50 percent to 80 percent of the rats in various control groups developed the giant tumors.

The study involved 10 groups of rats each consisting of 10 males and 10 females. Three groups were given Roundup-contaminated water to drink, and three were fed NK603. Other groups were not fed the GM food in order to verify the results. The study was conducted at Caen University in France. The research was conducted by the Committee for Research & Independent Information on Genetic Engineering, or CRIIGEN, a group of scientists that is very critical of genetic engineering.

CRIIGEN’s researchers think that Roundup is much more toxic than Monsanto is letting on. The organization would like to see the approval of the herbicides reassessed because of the danger.

This is particularly frightening because 85 percent of the corn grown in the United States is genetically modified, according to The Grocer. The same publication noted that 70 percent of processed foods in the United States contain at least some genetically modified ingredients.

These studies prove that genetically modified food is a threat to our health. If you care about your health and your family’s health, you need to stop eating GM foods right now. The risks are far greater than we thought, and the evidence against genetically modified food is piling up fast.

How to Protect Your Family

Protecting your family from this menace is fairly simple: Don’t eat genetically modified foods. You should either eat foods that you grow yourself or certified non-GMO foods.

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This can be tough because the U.S. Department of Agriculture does not require U.S. food labels to list genetically modified ingredients. Many other countries, including China, Saudi Arabia, and the European Union have taken this step. The food industry has campaigned vigorously against such labeling because sales of foods fall when labels list GMO ingredients. Among other things, it spent millions to defeat Proposition 37, a California ballot initiative that would have required all food labels in the Golden State to list GMO ingredients.

The Non-GMO Project has certified hundreds of foods and brands as non-GMO. Its website has a list of the choices and of stores that sell them. You can check to see if your family’s favorites contain GMO or not. If they do, it is time for a change. Make sure that foods are certified non-GMO. Don’t assume that a food doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredients because the label says it is organic; some organic foods contain GM ingredients.

You should also only buy meat that is certified to come from animals fed with non-GMO feeds. Most livestock in the United States, including pigs, chickens, and cattle, eat GMO corn. Fortunately, many supermarkets stock organic brands of meat that are certified non-GMO. In fact, one supermarket chain, Whole Foods Market, has announced that all foods in its stores must have labels that state whether they contain genetically modified ingredients or not by 2018. Products from Whole Foods’ house brand, 365 Everyday Value, are tested and verified by the Non-GMO Project.

The Real Threat to Your Family’s Health: The Mainstream Media and the United States Government

The real threats to our families’ health might be the mainstream media and the United States government. Notice how the big media, which gets much of its revenue from food advertising, has completely ignored these studies that show there is a legitimate scientific basis for the concern about genetically modified foods.

Even when stories about Monsanto-created genetically engineered grain growing illegally in fields in Oregon broke, the possible health effects were not mentioned. Self-proclaimed journalists value the money they get from Big Food companies more than the health of the American people.

Where are all the so-called investigative reporters looking into this story and the threat to our health? More importantly, where are the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Congress, and the Department of Agriculture? On Big Food’s payroll, that’s where. Notice there hasn’t been a single congressional hearing into this issue. It’s about time for such action to be taken; among other things, Congress could subpoena Monsanto and other companies and force them to turn over all the information they have about the results of testing of GM products. Notice that doesn’t happen and probably won’t.

Just imagine what would happen if it were revealed that Al-Qaeda or some other terrorist group was poisoning our food supply. The media would go hysterical, and so would the government. There would be calls for military action, FBI raids on food processing plants, and high-level congressional investigations. Well guess what folks, our food supply has been poisoned by the peddlers of genetically modified foods, and nothing is being done about it.

It is time for average Americans to start demanding that our political leaders take a strong stand against genetically modified foods. They need to be treated like tobacco because scientific research indicates these artificial creations could be as great a threat to our health as tobacco.


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