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Sea Salt Benefits For A Healthy Body And Mind

sea salt benefits

Whether it’s body, mind or soul, it’s easy to enjoy sea salt benefits.

Where does your salt come from? Do you know what type of salt you’re using? Are you really getting sea salt benefits? You might think your kitchen salt is from the sea. Nevertheless, you may or may not be right as salt can also come from the land, and yes, even mountain ranges! Also, before it reaches your dinner table, sea salt is treated to take out its impurities. The primary procedure eliminates iodine, magnesium, and minerals. You should also know that companies add dextrose and iodide along with a bleaching agent to sea salt.

Before you puke, you have to understand that this is done to make it easy for you to add salt to your food. Also, all of the mentioned chemicals make salt more durable and attractive. That’s not all, however, as research has shown that salt has positive effects on the body.


Sea Salt Benefits Include:

#1: Strengthens The Immune System

The minerals that salt (particularly sea salt) preserves can improve the natural defenses of the body. This benefit means that it is a great idea to start using sea salt, especially when summer is about to end. As you may already know, this is the time when viruses, flu, and colds are rampant. Salt, surprisingly, can offer protection against the many effects of sudden weather and temperature fluctuations.


#2: Helps Fight Depression

Melatonin and serotonin are the two hormones that your brain secretes for it to control the stress that your body experiences. As you go through depression, your brain won’t secrete these hormones. As a result, anxiety and sadness will overcome you. By consuming foods added with salt, it will be easier for you to preserve these happy hormones.


#3: Improves Blood Circulation

Salt (particularly sea salt) facilitates the flow of blood throughout your body. Your blood transports oxygen to several regions of your body to perform their respective functions. In the case of poor blood circulation, your energy levels will diminish and you’ll quickly get tired. You’ll also experience a loss of appetite. Sodium is necessary for improving your blood circulation, but it has to be limited as well. Excessive amounts of salt will cause uncomfortable bloating and will also raise your blood pressure.


Other Uses For Salt

#4: Natural Dandruff Treatment

Yes, you heard that right. You can use salt as a replacement for anti-dandruff chemicals. Try salt as your pre-shampoo treatment, as it will work well in scrubbing out those flakes from your head. You can also clean your hair more thoroughly with the use of salt. All you need to do is sprinkle a bit of salt into your scalp. Afterwards, massage your scalp for five minutes and then shampoo as you would normally.


#5: Exfoliates Skin

The weather is getting hotter by the day. This fact means that it’s time for you to make sure your skin is ready for the hot summer season. When removing dead skin cells, use salt as your scrub and exfoliant. You’ll be happy to know that it’ll also boost your blood circulation!

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