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Even Government Published Studies Now Admit…

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Even Government Published Studies Now Admit This Stuff Helps Oxidative Stress, Inflammation And A Whole Lot More!

Beets have been used as a healing agent for centuries, and for good reason. 

They reduce the amount of oxygen the body needs during physical activity, which actually increases energy and endurance.

Plus, beets support a healthy blood pressure, vital liver functions and eye health — and they help the body to maintain an ideal level of “good” cholesterol, replacing the “bad” cholesterol. 

But some new studies confirm many older ones on a few other health issues…

  • Bioavailability: The high bioavailability of inorganic dietary nitrate (found in Beets) is well established and there are reports of close to 100% absorption following digestion.
  • Oxidative Stress: Beetroot is as an exceptionally rich source of antioxidant compounds. The betalain pigments in particular, has been shown by several in vitro studies to protect cellular components from oxidative injury.
  • Inflammation: Betalains and beetroot extracts have emerged as potent anti-inflammatory agents. At least part of their anti-inflammatory effects seems to be mediated by interfering with pro-inflammatory signaling powerful cascades.
  • Cognitive Function: two recent preliminary studies explored the influence of acute beetroot supplementation on age-related cognitive function.


Other “Take-A-Ways” I Found Interesting:

Researchers are working on a little stronger beet constituent that promises to be as good as Celebrex or Vioxx. (They might need some time on this but it’s very exciting and shows just how powerful this stuff is.).

Some cancer doctors are now using it with chemo to protect the body from the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

Many type 2 diabetics who tend to suffer decreased cognitive function and slowed reaction times found some degree of restored reaction times. Fascinating! 

But there’s one problem: Most people don’t have a stockpile of beets. I certainly don’t! And, honestly, I’m not a big fan of beets, anyway.

Here’s how I solved the problem … I had a product created (to maximize potency) that contains 100 percent real beet crystals! These beets were grown organically by U.S. farmers, using no pesticides or herbicides. 

Please visit today to place your order!

P.S. Purchase Six – 6 oz. servings (Six Month Supply) in the next 48 hours and I’ll throw in two, 32 oz. bottles of MCT oil (another miracle in my opinion) at no additional cost. The 32 oz. bottles sell for around $30 each, so you’re getting $60.00 as a bonus there. Heck, I’ll even pay the shipping on the whole thing too.


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