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Very Low Price (For 48 Hours Only) On The Single Best Survival Food

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If I had to pick a single Survival Food…

I would have to say that Chia would definitely be my choice for the number 1 survival food since it not only nourishes the body, but more and more studies suggest it promotes healing as well.

Don’t believe me? Well, consider these facts:

  • Chia has 8 times more omega 3s than salmon
  • Contains 30% more antioxidants than blueberries
  • Has 25% more fiber than flax seeds
  • Provides 3 times more iron than spinach
  • Boosts your body with 15 times more magnesium than broccoli
  • Delivers 5 times more calcium than milk
  • And offers twice the potassium contained in one banana

Chia not only energizes your mind and body (the Aztecs used it as a high-energy endurance food that helped them run literally for days), but with its huge amounts of antioxidants, minerals, and omega 3s…

It seems to put your body in a remarkable position to fight off illness as well.

Some say it does this by reducing the cravings for junk foods and sweets, by supporting healthy blood sugar levels, by promoting weight loss and weight maintenance, and by supplying your digestive system with a remarkable source of fiber to keep it healthy.

And unlike most other plant foods, Chia contains all the essential amino acids to make up a complete protein, delivering four grams of protein in just a two tablespoon serving. And through its unique ability to absorb fluids, Chia helps you maintain a properly hydrated body.


Most Flexible Survival Food?

So what can you do with Chia seeds? The answer is a lot. Because the seed has little to no taste of its own, you can include it into any dish, drink, salad or even eat it as a whole seed. You can grind them into powder to add to baked goods or even use Chia gel as a substitute for half the fat in baked goods. And because it is so shelf-stable, Chia requires no refrigeration for at least nine months… making it the ideal component in your survival food stores.

Here’s the most important thing: Powerful Living offers only the absolute best Chia seeds available.

The Chia we offer is real Aztec Black Chia. Grown in rich volcanic soil on mountainsides near a remote native village and fed by mineral-rich aquifers, this Chia is produced by small farmers who insist on harvesting only the best Chia in the world. This Aztec Black Chia is grown at altitudes of 5,600 feet and above (unlike commercially grown Chia).

This growing method produces Chia seed with one of the highest levels of ALA omega 3 fatty acids. (And all properly balanced.)

More and more people are discovering the nutritional power of Chia. (Don’t be fooled by bogus Chia suppliers.) Only a handful of growers produce Chia the way the Aztecs did, in the mountains of the ancient Aztec empire. And without question… this Chia is the single best survival food in the world.

The big problem is supply. Last year we couldn’t buy enough to get through the year.

The best part right now is… that you can get a “survival supply” of real Aztec Black Chia at 50 percent off in the next 48 hours. It doesn’t matter what quantity you choose, just use coupon code OMEGA to get your discount.

You can learn more about Aztec Black Chia at:

But you gotta hurry.

I may be jumping the gun on this, but last year we had to pay through the nose for our Chia seed inventory. So this may be the last chance to get some at a good price.


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