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What Is The Easiest Way To Build A Chicken Coop?

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Building a chicken coop is easier said than done. It is not just a structure that can be constructed according to how you want it. It needs thorough planning and researching to provide convenient and effective chicken coop. Lack of preparations may lead to higher mortality rates and slow development of chickens.

You should bear in mind that chicken coop is the shelter of your chicken. An improper construction of your chicken coop is simply a waste of time and money. In any construction planning, it is very essential to know the location. This is to know the details of the site whether it is a slope, flat, rough, or anything for that matter. This will help you decide the design of the chicken coop. Keep in mind that the quality of the location affects the building plan of the chicken coop.

However, to avoid the unpleasant and tedious work in building a chicken coop, here are easy ways to build your chicken coop efficiently and effectively:


Detailed Planning

It is very essential that you have a detailed plan or blueprint so that you will have a reference and foundation of your construction. This will prevent any waste of time making modifications in the process of building the chicken coop. Also, it will give an accurate list of materials needed for the job.


Purchase Of Construction Materials

List down the materials you need based on the plan you prepared. To save on expenses, buy from second –hand shops but see to it that the materials are still in good shape. If you plan for a home of a few numbers of chickens, make sure that the size of the coop is not only sufficient but think about future expansion. Take into consideration the wood or the lumber to be specific. Consider buying bigger ones, you can cut it into pieces accordingly. For rough wood surfaces, you have to sand it so it will become thinner and suitable for the chicken coop.


Build The Frame

The real construction begins at this stage. Get your notes, plan or diagram, measuring tape, sander, power saw, workbench, face mask, and leather gloves ready. Once you have that and the rest of the materials needed, you can start building your chicken coop. No need to worry if you do not have experience in hammering, it might take a long time though but it gets more exciting when the chicken coop begins to take shape. Do not forget to clean all the pieces of woods by sanding it.


Putting It All Together

Once the frame is ready, sidings and the roofing material are next. When increasing the dimensions of your hen-house, it is important that you double the length of the wood that hold up. Also, look into the windows and doors. That is the last thing you should work on. Once construction is done, have an inspection and plug all the joints and seams with an insulation material to prevent cold air from entering your chicken coop.


Paint It

Lastly, paint the coop with any color you want to match with the total character of the chicken coop. This will not only  gives color to the chicken coop but also protect the materials from rust and deterioration.

Although building a chicken coop can be tiring but then it will all be worthwhile when you are receiving the fruit of your labor – your profits.

If you’d like to find out how to quickly build affordable, attractive and long lasting backyard chicken coops, you can see more details here.



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