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7 Reasons Your Homestead Needs Guinea Fowl

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7 Reasons Your Homestead Needs Guinea Fowl

Image source: a-z-animals

When it comes to adding birds to your homestead, consider adding guinea fowl into the mix. Of course, you have probably heard how loud they can be, but that is a small price to pay for everything that you get from the guineas.

There are several different types of guineas out there, so you will have to take your time and figure out what type you want. You will also need to decide on whether or not you want males and females — and how many you want. If you have a lot of land or you plan to let your guineas free-range, it is recommended you get them when they are babies or very young so they learn their area well and know where to come back to. Guineas love to explore, so having a set place where they eat is important.

There are many benefits to raising guinea fowl. Here are seven:

1. Pest Control

Guineas love to eat bugs, especially ticks. If you live in an area that has tons of ticks, your guineas will help you curb the population in no time. They also love mosquitoes, ants and many other bugs. Guineas have a tendency to go after small mice and rats as well. They might not always kill them, but they will run them off from their area. Snakes are also well-hated by guinea fowl, and it is not uncommon for guineas to kill one or severely injure it.

2. Intruder Alert

If you want something to tell you when someone or something is in your yard, get guineas. Guineas are very territorial creatures and will sound the alarm when something new comes into their area. It does not matter if it is human or a predator, they will let you know. This can be great to have on a homestead, as animals and humans may come on your property at times. Guinea fowl have helped to deter many would-be robbers.

3. Eggs

A great benefit of getting guineas is their eggs. A good laying guinea hen should lay about every day, or every other day. If you have them confined to a coop or run you will have no trouble getting access to the eggs. However, if you have the guineas free-ranging, finding their egg nest could be a chore.

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Most people who have tried guinea eggs say that they are delicious, and some even prefer them to chicken eggs. They are just a little bit smaller than your typical farm fresh chicken eggs. They can be used just like any other egg and make a great egg to put in cakes. One warning about guinea eggs: The outer shell is extremely hard and difficult to break, so make sure you use caution.

4. Meat

Guinea meat has become very popular lately. It is typically a darker meat with rich tastes, and many people say it tastes similar to pheasant. It can be prepared just like chicken and can even be fried. Many restaurants across the country are now serving guinea as a delicacy, with people coming back for more. If you are planning to raise guineas for meat, it is suggested that you keep them close to home and don’t let them wander too far when free-ranging. Some say this can lead to a gamey taste which might not be pleasant.

5. Fertilizer

7 Reasons Your Homestead Needs Guinea Fowl

Image source: Sharperplanet

Using an all-natural fertilizer is always best for your garden. Chemicals can cause harm to the plants if they are too strong, and many studies have linked chemical-based fertilizers with health problems. Having guineas will help you alleviate your need for chemical fertilizer. Guinea dropping contains just the right amount of ingredients to make all your plants look great and thrive. You can compost the guinea droppings with your normal composts and you will see dramatic improvement and growth in your plants.

6. Weeding

Guineas love weeds and will often eat as many as they see. Having these weeds gone promotes better growth of the plants you want, and leaves your property looking great. With that being said, supervision should be observed if the guineas are near your garden. They might pull something up that is edible. If you have guineas, it might be a great idea to put up a fence.

7. Selling

Guineas are a hot ticket item for many farmers. People love to purchase them and at certain times, they can be hard to find. Breeding and raising guineas can be a great way to make some extra money. People wishing to have their own flock will be more than willing to come out and buy some of your birds. In addition, you can also raise some for your local restaurants if they are willing to buy them.

Guinea fowl will make a great addition to any homestead. They are a hardy bird with a variety of different uses. If you are looking to add more birds, consider adding guinea fowl. They are definitely worth having on your farm.

What guinea fowl tips would you add? Share your tips in the section below: 

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