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Dear Joel,

I am currently researching the in’s and out’s, do’s and don’ts, of putting in asparagus plants. What kind of soil? How deep to plant? How to harvest and when? How much sunlight? I live in central Minnesota.

I have established horseradish plants in a garden plot, but am not sure how or when to harvest, or how to process the roots. Appreciate being able to ask the questions and will be thankful for assistance in finding answers.




Every vegetable seed packet says: “Plant in loamy, well drained soil,” right? Asparagus responds to nitrogen, so well-rotted manure and compost will really make it shine. Rule of thumb for planting anything is 3 times the diameter of whatever it is you’re planting. So corn seed should go in an inch deep but carrots just a quarter inch. Asparagus cuttings should go in a couple of inches at least. Asparagus likes full sun. I don’t know much about horseradish.

My main advice for planting asparagus is to plant it in a bed with borders so you’ll never till nearby. If you chop the roots along the edge, the bed will spread as the rootlets sprout. If you want a contained, controlled patch, put it in a bordered bed where no tillage occurs within a couple of feet of the plants, preferably 3 feet.


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