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7 Reasons Why the Best Relationships Start With Friendship

Romantic relationships with your best female friend — what could be more stupid? In comparison, even the idea of friendship sex doesn’t seem so absurd. And yet, according to statistics, more than half of the happy couples were good friends at first, and then discovered something more.

1. She Knows What You Like

Most likely, you are constantly discussing men and women, so she knows for sure that you value straightforwardness, personal space, and evenings spent together watching movies or hockey. This means that she will not flood you with messages if you decide to spend the evening online for Russian women dating on or simply chatting with your friends, will immediately tell you if something does not suit her, and will not forget to buy a double portion of pistachios before an important match.

2. You Have Shared Memories

Pleasant and not very ones, but always amazing and incredible. How that time at the country house you crawled to your neighbor for strawberries, how you rested on the seaside, how you took her home after graduation, and how you laughed hysterically at a completely unfunny joke. All this will become a part of your common future and will make the relationship even stronger.

3. You Know What a Person She Is in Relationships

You gave her advice about guys, help her to prepare for a couple of first dates, and became the person she could trust after a painful breakup. So her behavior in relationships, as well as the methods by which she shows her affection, are familiar to you. And if you are considering going over the line, then it seems that all her qualities are quite suitable for you.

4. You Already Know Her Parents

And her friends. And all the people the first meeting with whom could theoretically make you nervous. Just think, you don’t have to pray that her father and best friends like you because her parents already adore you.

5. You Are Aware of All Her “Terrible Secrets”

As well as she, by the way, is aware of yours. How many guys she had, why she is afraid of clowns and cockroaches, where and why she goes every summer for two weeks. Due to this, your relationship, even if you are at a friend zone stage now, will be at a level higher than that of other couples in the same period.

6. Your Social Life will Hardly Change

Because you already spend enough time together. Add to this the fact that you will be spared this painful anxiety: how to explain to your girlfriend that the best friend is just a friend, not a pretty girl who is always nearby.

7. You Are Comfortable With Each Other

This is a girl who has seen you in any condition, so now there is little that can surprise her. She went through the best and the worst with you and then promised to keep it a secret (we are talking about the worst) and kept her word.


One question remains: do you still think that a relationship with your best friend is a bad idea?

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