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A Universe Unjustified

Once it was establishmental truth standing before the evils of deviance, woe to the scientist or Saracen who was not convinced of the quo. Ideologues abound in the world ever prepared for the next crusade. Once years of war, meaningless fiefdoms, and the greatest enemy of tyranny, literacy, rendered this question not insanity useless; it fell to the individual to think.

The evils of thought soon became much more powerful than had previously been demonstrated. The inquisitor himself would blanche upon Dachau. Fool is the man who cannot see that what had begun as simple academic hobbies soon became license and manual for any number of malicious outlets. That ideas are dangerous was the mantra of the former oppression, that ideas are wonderful was this new times liturgy. Watts steams, Edison’s beams, and Einsteins dreams lead to the idea that an idea is the idea. The discoveries of Boyle and Pascal gave way to Napalm and Anthrax in the idea that an idea is the idea. Newtons puzzle became Oppenheimers device. The Word of Life became anathema.

It became so easy in the heady days of the revolutions stemming from the enlightenment to presume upon the very pinnacle of presumption: that there is nothing that is not known, or cannot become known by those who have an acronym after their names. Far be it from the modern man to hold to ancient doctrines and disciplines when it is the future of an idea that is the idea. Who now asks: what may our grandchildren build where it should be wondered what they shall tear down? Why ask after what they may learn when there is now too much forgotten?

That a stone may yield to fire, and the same to the anvil and hammer is nothing of a novelty; why think that it is a great thing that man may now ask of silicon to do as it is wont? The laws of matter and time were written long before any tongue of man, and still we have yet to define their depth and height. Oh yes it is the idea that these things will be known by our grandchildren cum laude.

Today there is no need of a father, for Freud has explained that all is due to sexual frustration, anal fixation and penis envy. Gloria Steina has made all equal, why be a mother? Heff made sex sexy, Studio made it free, Ortho makes it easy, Trojan makes it safe, Viagra makes it better, San Francisco made it shameless, and Massachusetts made it legal. No reason for marriage unless it’s a statement, no reason for children unless they’re convenient. Yes ideas for the sake of ideas have given us so much. Challenge for the sake of challenges, question for the sake of a question, revolt for the sake of rebellion.

Every idea has merit, every belief a place; truth isnt universally true. That Heisenburg spoke of particles makes certainty a fantasy, should Einstein have made absolute the relative? One may curse Babbage for his Christianity but to ask after the logic of Hutton is verboten. Galileo becomes the master for his question of the crystalline, yet his conclusion as a Christian is condemned. Keppler and Kelvin, loved in their professions, are despised in the arrogant aviary observations of an angry atheologian.

Once it was thought that man was the center of the universe; this shattered, man became his own universe. This new universe is defined by faculty, committee, grants, and ratings. For you see, man must be getting better, lest the most educated are required to confess their ignorance.

The present is the key to the past and all things continue as they have from the beginning; for never an earthquake makes mountains of a valley, and the draining lake is incapable of making the mountain a valley. Only wind and dust have shaped the land ever so slowly, and it is seafloor spreading that has drawn the coasts, not a tsunami or typhoon. Terrible lizards bear no resemblance to the ubiquitous renderings of dragons for man was but a mouse when they ruled the earth. Sediment is the product of little lakes not some sort of deluge as all the ancients say.

Man is no longer the superstitious creature who looks to the haruspices to read the bones, now he is the supercilious soup who asks the angry atheologian to align the beaks of birds. Man is no longer made of God, but rather by his own will has ascended from the acrid acetone arrangement to evolve his economic excellence. The progeny are more prudent than their progenitors – sapien has become sapien sapien.

Never answered is the question of when, or how, all living humans ceased to be homo sapien, only to become homo sapien sapien. Have all become doubly wise by some punctuated equilibrium, or is the Ivy league and Polynumeric Atheist the extent of this spontaneous generation? And what of the simple sapiens not blessed with another wisdom, are some of them yet habbilii, or perhaps mere erectii? If so these adaptationary failures must be sanitized for the betterment of the uberMensch. No no, that isn’t the idea at all; a mystery if Paul Pot Planned Parenthood.

So all that is has been formed by that which hasn’t changed, and this non-change has resulted in the great change from toxic soup to talk soup. Uniformitarily speaking, the present is key to the past save only when observing mutation. Presently witnessed the destructive nature of the genetic scramble, the life must have been much more primitive in the past. Dreams of Fantasia and the half-cocked arrogant apprentice: I have learned a mystery therefore I know them all.

There is no order in mathematics says the Polynumeric Atheist, for order requires an Order and there is no Orderer. Stuff just happens, though it doesn’t do that anymore. Newton was a fool in his reactionary claims for every biologist knows that nothing began everything before there was anything – which took place, with scientific certainty, around ten point two to twenty six-point seven five six trillion years ago, give or take ten trillion years. But of course the quantum physicist has demonstrated that one hundred billionth of a second after nothing became something, the something was actually still nothing waiting for everything to become anything. Only the genius of Caltech and MIT can comprehend how there is really no intelligence in this thing they must exhaust their intelligence to explain. The brilliant chemist has demonstrated the lack of brilliance in nature using every ounce of his brilliance. Intellectually speaking, there is no intellect behind the intelligence that remains unintelligible to the most intelligent. Nothing made everything.

It was once that anything not of god was unacceptable, man became ‘enlightened’ and for a time anything was acceptable; now anything but God is acceptable. It was nature who changed and the heart of man a constant, now it is man who changes and nature is constant.

In leaving no stone unturned, man has forgotten what the tops of stones look like. In leaving no tenet unravaged, man has left nothing sacred. In dreaming the impossible dream, man has made waking the dream. In professing to be wise, they have made of themselves the great fools.

Once upon a time man was a killer, thief, rapist and vile oppressor; there were nations and empires, wars and rebellions, lies and deceits; once man was barbaric.

Perhaps it is nature that endures great changes; perhaps it is the nature of man that remains uniform. If there be no one to begin the sun, there be not One to beget the Son. If no intelligence created intelligence then how can anything be intelligible? If nothing made everything, how is there anything?

That there are crimes goes unchallenged; that man is a cruel beast is uncontested; if there then be offence, and yet no recompense, why then the desire for crimes to make sense? Why is there law bereft of a Lawgiver?

Who is the man who has not an opinion of justice? Who does not demand it of his oppressors? Who is not himself an oppressor? Where is the price for that wrong, if there be no God and Son?

Woe to a thought without a thinker, woe to the craft with no craftsman. If all be from nothing to nothing, woe to a universe unjustified.

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