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Europe Travel Inspiration

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It is not necessary to run to a travel agency, write to tour operators and choose between a few boring six-day trips to the main attractions. Now there is the opportunity to travel independently and discover the world. We will try to tell how it is easier to organize such a trip and how cheaper it is to travel around Europe and the world.

What to Pay Attention to

Before you pack your bags, make sure that you will like to make a trip specifically to this country. Learn the country from different angles.

What to pay attention to:

  • location;
  • mentality;
  • climatic conditions;
  • time zone;
  • national features;
  • religious preferences of local residents.

Study what you have to deal with before going on a trip. If you have decided on the countries or cities that you want to visit, then you should get directions and decide how to get there. When planning a trip to Germany, rent a bus in Germany on More and more people travel to Europe by car, so check the quality of the roads and check their rules, if you like this option of caravanning.

Take Care of Accommodation and Food

The next stage is the reservation of a hotel or apartment, as well as specifying the places where you will eat. Nowadays, cheap travel is not a problem even with frequent visits to catering facilities and accommodation in rooms. You just need to be able to search.

You need to find the best area in each specific city where you are going to stay. Forums on tourist-related websites will help you with this. For example, Alexander Square and Berlin-Mitte are the best districts in terms of their infrastructure and proximity to the main attractions in Berlin. And if you decide to organize a trip to Germany and stay in Munich, then choose a hotel near the forecourt. Low hotel prices are complemented by an abundance of 24-hour cafes and restaurants, shops and parking lots.

Choose Attractions

The organization of independent travel is a painstaking task, so it’s better to approach many points from the list. In particular, the list of obligatory sights. Every interesting tower, museum or fountain has its own highlight and, at the same time, its own trick.

Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the experience of previous visits. Experienced travelers tell a lot of tricks: what time it is better to come at, what point to take pictures from and how to go somewhere for free.

Make a List of Things

Well, of course, make a list of all the necessary things that you plan to take with you. Literally everything — from hairpins to sleeping bags. Write the list carefully and even include documents that are often left at home. Describe all the points, leave the list for a day or two, then look at it with a fresh look, do not take too much.

On the one hand, there are still many problems to solve, but on the other hand, independent travel is a completely unique type of relaxation, experience, and emotions. Therefore, you should definitely try it.

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