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Top 7 Best Honeymoon Destinations

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The culmination of the marriage of two loving people is a wedding trip — a moment of relaxation and recreation after such a grueling and intense preparation for the wedding celebration. A honeymoon is a journey that almost all newlyweds dream of.

What is Honeymoon

The first few weeks after marriage is the time for young spouses. Nowadays, it is difficult to talk about 30-day trips in an era of lack of time and constant rush. That is why it has become customary to travel for several weeks, usually for one or two. Therefore, the notorious honeymoon was replaced by the beautiful phrase — honeymoon trip. For many guys, such a short rest after dating a Slavic woman from is enough. Hardly anyone can afford a longer trip and leave their professional duties.

The Best Places for Honeymoon Travel

Are you thinking about how to spend the money? It’s best to go on an unusual wedding tour! To help you find this unique place, we want to give you some ideas on where to go on your honeymoon.

1.   Koh Tao, Thailand

Imagine a small tropical island with crystal clear waters, amazing snorkeling, and diving, a wild jungle in the center of the island, romantic beaches decorated with palm trees — these are the benefits of Koh Tao, a small gem on the southern coast of Thailand. It is also worth wandering around the island and discovering the real jungle. If you want to combine beach holidays, diving, and hiking — this is the island for you.

2.   London, The United Kingdom

A London vacation can be as tempting as Bora-Bora if you are a couple who love enchanted walks through picturesque parks, visits to world-class museums, dinners in famous restaurants, and discover numerous cultures.

3.   Santorini, Greece

Why travel there? For amazing sunsets and white houses with blue roofs. Besides, the red and black sand beaches and the surrounding wine cellars will impress the newlyweds.

4.   Positano, Italy

The Mediterranean coastline of Almafi is associated with fabulously colorful cliff-top buildings and blue waters around them. Besides, the best pizza and Italian coffee are served nearby the charismatic town of Naples! In this country, even the most experienced tourists will spend the most romantic and truly amazing honeymoon in their family life.

5.   Tulum, Mexico

Wonderful beaches, Mayan villages — here you can combine cultural activities with relaxing on the beach. If you want to see Cancun, you can get there in less than two hours. Cave and diving fans will also be attracted to Tulum — the Gran Cenote Cave is a must-visit if you like the atmosphere and the incredible energy of the sacred ruins.

6.   Kyoto, Japan

Japan is beautiful any time — especially in autumn when the trees shimmer in color. Kyoto impresses with temples and beautiful gardens, tea-houses, and canals. It is definitely a scenic honeymoon.

7.   Iceland

The Icelandic landscape is so diverse and picturesque that no one can leave this place disappointed — volcanoes, green or lunar landscapes, amazing waterfalls, geysers, lagoons, hot springs, and Icelandic horses!

Choose one of the destinations and get ready for the most memorable trip in your life!

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