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Are We Involved in Collective Child Sacrifice? with E. Ray Moore, Jr. – Episode 96

Proverbs 22:6 tells us to train up our children when they are young and when they are old, they will not depart from the teachings and values we have sought to instill. This proverb clearly indicates that there is a point of beginning (child), an interim (youth), and then a point of stability (adulthood) in the training process. However, it seems we are quite willing to shortcut this process and toss our children—our futures, if you will—into the shark-infested waters of public school indoctrination when they are young and impressionable.

Are we any different than the ancient pagan civilizations who sacrificed their children to the gods? Cutting their beating hearts out with an obsidian stone isn’t the only way to kill a child.

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Join Bill Heid, Pastor Jeff Harlow, and E. Ray Moore, Jr.—a Bible teacher, Army Reserve chaplain, a campaign consultant, and founder of Exodus Mandate, a Christian ministry to encourage and assist Christian families to leave Pharaoh’s school system (i.e. government schools) for the Promised Land of Christian schools or home schooling—as they discuss the importance of leaving the public education system in order to not only save our children, but to save our children’s (and this nation’s) future.

In this episode:

  • The shocking number of Christian children who hold to a Marxist/socialist worldview
  • Evangelicals – bringing converts through the front door while losing their children through the back door to public education
  • The Founding Father who denounced the idea of a public school system and why
  • The 19th century minister who warned us of the very problems we face today in society because of government education

And more…

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