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Homesteading Guru Shares Off-Grid Hacks

deborah for radio picWhen hard times hit America, homesteaders and those who practice self-sufficiency won’t skip a beat. Their skills and talents will prepare them for hardships and adversity as other Americans struggle to stay afloat.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, one of the nation’s top self-sufficiency experts, Deborah Niemann, shares with us her secrets for off-grid living – from farming to livestock to food preservation to general how-to.

Deborah is the author of three books, including Homegrown and Handmade: A Practical Guide To More Self-Reliant Living.

Her advice will benefit you, whether you’re an expert at homesteading or a novice who doesn’t know what first steps to take to become more self-sufficient.

Deborah tells us:

  • How someone with little land or no land can become self-sufficient.
  • Why it’s essential that more Americans join the self-reliant movement.
  • What livestock she recommends to first-time homesteaders.
  • How just about anything bought at the store can be made at home.

Deborah’s story on how she went from being “on grid” to self-sufficient is itself worth hearing. Not long ago, she was no different from other Americans who rely far too much on big box stores.

Listen and learn little-known tips and secrets on how you can become more self-reliant!

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