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Focus on the Little Things

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“One step at a time is enough for me. Impatience is simply a way of beating yourself up.”
— Susan Jeffers

For many people, the New Year is an exciting time. Resolutions are established paving the way for a new future. For most, setting goals can be exciting. You approach the future full of zest and focus, determined to try your new skill and accomplish the goals you have set forth. You see the big picture and know how wonderful things will be once you get there. Unfortunately, you may not know how exactly you meet your goal.

When working out how to achieve your goals, one of the most important things to remember is to focus on the little things. Pick one goal to start with and break it into smaller parts. Begin with one of those smaller steps and place your focus there. Once you accomplished this first phase, you can move onto the next step and then the next. Doing this allows you to meet the goal in small increments, celebrating small successes along the way. Overtime, you will see that you are able to move step by step towards your overall goal. You may even be surprised when you reach your goal, never realizing just how close you were.

Meeting goals is about personal growth. It is about making a commitment to something and creating opportunities to reach it. Keep the center of your attention on the idea of continuously improving because that idea is what allows you to make your life a little bit better day by day.

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