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A Woman Used This Tactic To Protect Herself From 3 Prowlers (And It’s Not A Gun)

Woman Used This Tactic To Protect Herself From 3 Prowlers (And It’s Not A Gun)

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There are several reasons to acquire a concealed carry license.

The license puts police officers at ease, especially if you want to keep a gun in your car or bag, because they’ll know you’ve undergone the necessary background checks and are a law-abiding citizen. A concealed carry license also helps uninformed people feel at ease when you are carrying a gun in a public place.

The most important reason, of course, is for protection. This was especially true for one Oklahoma woman when three prowlers followed her back to her car one evening in an empty parking lot.

You Don’t Need A Firearms License For This Weapon!

According to KOCO New 5, the three men approached the 22-year-old woman as she was leaving a local Dollar Tree in Oklahoma City. They followed her all the way back to her car, but when they asked her to go with them and then asked for her purse, she pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the men.

“She got away safe, and that’s what we’re concerned about,” said her father, Bradd Brown, who is a former police officer. “She grew up around guns, so she was used to that.”

The one thing that may have saved her, though, wasn’t the gun. It was situational awareness. She wasn’t on her smartphone. Because of that, she saw them coming.

“The main thing I tried to instill with her through the years is to just be aware of your surroundings,” Brown said. “We don’t know exactly what his intentions were. She really had no choice but to show that firearm. It worked and he backed off.”

Picture that scene without a gun. If her father hadn’t instilled these values in her, taught her to be aware of her surroundings, and encouraged her to carry a pistol with her at all times, there may have been a very different and tragic ending to this story.

Oklahoma handgun laws indicate, “The firearm must be carried fully concealed from detection and view, and upon coming in contact with any peace officer of this state, the person must disclose that he or she is in possession of a concealed firearm pursuant to the non-permitting laws of the state.”

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