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CPS Investigates Homeschool Family’s ‘Messy’ House, Threatens Legal Action

CPS Investigates Homeschool Family’s ‘Messy’ House, Threatens Legal Action

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A homeschool family was almost forced to send their special-needs daughter to public school because someone thought their house was messy.

An anonymous tipster told Montana’s Child & Family Services that the family’s home was messy, leading to a visit from a case worker who found that the house actually was clean, the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) reported.

But even though there wasn’t a mess, the family’s troubles were far from over.

The case worker came back a week later and began asking questions about the parents’ 9-year-old daughter.

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“The family was aware of their daughter’s unique challenges,” HSLDA reported. “They had already had her evaluated by a private psychologist, who determined that her needs were being met in her current home environment, and they were working closely with an ophthalmologist to care for her vision.”

A month later, the case worker returned and asked the girl to read, which she did. The case worker then decided that she should be tested in a public school – and he threatened legal action if the family did not go along.

The state only backed off after HSDLA attorney Dan Beasley wrote to the specialist about what is required under Montana law.

“[Beasley[ explained that the family was in compliance with Montana law and that they were under no legal obligation to access services through the public school,” HSLDA reported. “The specialist quickly responded with an email clarifying that he was not trying to force services on the family, but he wanted to make sure they were aware of the free services available through the school district. He also had some questions about the legal requirements for homeschooling.”

Beasley then replied back to the case worker, and the family has not heard from the case worker since.

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  1. Let our kids learn where they do it best.
    Are they watching the Public Schools performance as closely these loving and sacrificial parents?

  2. The montana cps has more important things to be concerned with then homeschooling. Let’s harass parents that are doing the right things for their children but ignore cases like October perez that lead to her death. Cps is extremely negligent here. Mind you a parent can’t slightly slip up ever with cps but the can be the reason why a child has died. They are dishonest and care about their I age vs the children.

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