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Man Receives $128 Ticket For Warming Car IN HIS DRIVEWAY

Man Receives $128 Ticket For Warming Car IN HIS DRIVEWAY

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ROSEVILLE, Mich. — Police this month gave a Michigan man a $128 ticket for something millions of people do every day – leaving his car running to warm up the interior on a cold day.

“This is purely a public safety issue,” Roseville, Mich., Police Chief James Berlin told a local TV station, Fox 8. “You see it all the time. People hop in a running car and steal them. Something bad happens when that occurs.”

Nick Taylor violated a Roseville ordinance against leaving keys in an empty car — even though it was a frigid morning, WDIV-4 reported. He left the vehicle running outside his girlfriend’s house on a very frigid morning.

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“Unattended car,” Taylor wrote on Facebook. “I’ve done this every day for seven years. Every person warms up their car. We live in Michigan.”

Taylor posted a picture of the ticket on Facebook. It had received more than 13,000 shares, 5,000 comments and 5,100 likes as of Jan. 10.

The ticket read, in part, “vehicle parked in drive … with keys in ignition. Motor running. No one around.”

One commenter on Facebook wrote that “everyone in a cold state would be getting tickets” if such a law existed everywhere and was enforced.

Another wrote, “I lived in Michigan for 40 years and now Wisconsin for 2. I always start my car on cold days before leaving. It’s only common sense. So one is supposed to stay in car when it is 21 below zero, freeze their butts off before car warms up, which could take up to 30 minutes?”

Still another wrote, “Frostbite or hypothermia could set in if people stay with the car before it is warmed up cause some take longer and in [negative-degree] degree weather it’s not practical or safe for people, either.”

But some people on Facebook supported the police. One person wrote, “He’s the idiot not the cop and for a number of reasons: Theft – he will not be covered on his insurance. Warming up the car is actually harmful to the engine and will shorten engine life. Waste of fuel. Pollution. And it is ILLEGAL.”

What do you think? Should the man have gotten a ticket? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. Police leave THEIR patrol cars running when THEY get out of them to talk to the person they pulled over. Why don’t THEY get a ticket? Proves that STUPIDITY runs wild in government AND law enforcement.

  2. Wow, the reach of government interfering with the citizens Pursuit of Happiness is at times shocking isn’t it!

  3. It’s his car if he wants to take the chance of someone stealing it that’s his choice. If the cop was worried about he should’ve parked down the street and waited

    • daniel mills, you’re actually wrong. to a normal human being it would seem that you ‘bought’ your car and it’s yours. in reality, you lease your car from the state who holds legal title of it. you pay to register it right? that’s your lease payment. it’s proving somewhat difficult for us to claim lawful ownership of our vehicles. if/when we succeed we’re moving on to discharging the mortgage.
      sincerely christian anarchist
      look into the sovereign movement… and thank me later

  4. I assume an attorney will argue that the private property is not the domain of the police officer, and if a judge disagrees then people need to stop paying property taxes for the illusion of having actual property in your name might just be that…

  5. Car thief is the reason many cities ticket cars being warmed without the driver in it. It’s called “puffing”.
    A ticket is cheaper and safer than what can occur if your car is stolen and then involved in a tragic accident.
    Such thefts are more common than you would believe.

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