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Benefits Of Chia Seeds: More Than 10 Scientifically Proven Facts About Chia (Dennis Mbuthia)

Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

The benefits of chia seeds are nothing short of stupefying. While the seeds may seem small, they are packed with many benefits for the human body. Further, chia seeds are growing in popularity as more people discover its benefits.


What Are Chia Seeds?

Chia is an edible seed that comes from Mexico and Guatemala. The name chia translates to “strength,” which is why chia seeds are a common source of energy. Moreover, chia seeds are consumed whole and this means that they don’t undergo processing.

Chia seeds also blend with foods and beverages very well. Most people add them to their cereal, smoothies, salads, and even drinking water. Chia seeds have a distinct, nutty taste which makes them irresistible. Now that we have a good description to work with, let’s get down to the benefits of chia.


Benefits Of Chia Seeds

As earlier mentioned, the seed has so many benefits that will amaze you. Not only is chia good for health but it is also great for beauty and hair.


Benefits Of Chia On The Skin

1.    They Make An Amazing Facemask

Chia seeds are a fantastic regimen for your skin, especially your face. Face masks are popular, and people are whipping up all sorts of concoctions to get their skin to glow. You need not struggle because a chia seeds mask will help soothe inflammation and eliminate acne. Regular use of a chia seeds mask will make your skin radiant.


2.    Repair The Skin And Delay Aging

If you want a youthful looking skin, chia seeds are your best option. These seeds are loaded with anti-oxidants that speedily repair the skin and keep you looking fresh and young.


Benefits Of Chia On Your Hair

1.    They Help Your Hair Grow

Chia seeds are high in protein that your hair needs to grow. If you want long, healthy hair strands, make use of chia seeds by incorporating them into your diet. Additionally, you can make a chia seeds hair mask to coat your hair and feed it protein.


2.    Gives Your Hair A Shine

Shiny hair is an indication that your hair is healthy. Chia seeds have all the necessary amino acids to make your hair shine and remain healthy and radiant.


3.    Maintain Hair Color Longer

We can’t escape grey hair, at some point in life, grey hairs begin to show up. To maintain your beautiful hair for longer, use chia seeds as they delay graying. Grey hair is often a result of little amounts of iron, zinc, and copper in the body. Chia seeds are jam-packed with these elements.

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Health Benefits Of Chia

1.    Help With Digestion

Besides helping the outer body, chia seeds are also great for the digestive system. These seeds contain a lot of good fiber which is essential for effective digestion. Chia seeds, therefore, help you maintain regular bowel movements and stool quality.


2. Great For The Health Of Your Heart

Many heart problems stem from blood pressure and high cholesterol. Chia seeds help regulate these issues as well as soothe inflammation. The high linoleic acid content in chia seeds is helping your body absorb vitamins A, K, E and D.


3. Helps Treat Diabetes

Chia seeds contain linoleic acid as earlier mentioned as well as fiber. These two components give chia seeds the power to fight against resistance to insulin and excess fats in the blood. These are the two main stem points of diabetes. Consumption of chia seeds helps reverse and stop diabetes.


4. Help Fight Breast And Cervical Cancer

Chia seeds inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the cervix and the breasts. This is due to one of their omega 3 fatty acids, alpha lipoic acid. Ingesting chia seeds will kill the cancer cells without harming your healthy cells.


5. Are Good For Dental Health

Dental issues include bad breathe, weak gums and cavities. Your teeth need minerals to remain healthy, and chia seeds are an excellent source of calcium, zinc and phosphorous. With these elements, you won’t need to worry about the health of your teeth, tartar and bad breath. Vitamin A in chia seeds also helps with the health of your mouth.


6. Increased Energy

Chia seeds have more energy boosting nutrients such as rice, wheat, corn and oats. Chia seeds provide a major source of stamina and energy especially for high endurance athletes.

Other health benefits include:

  • Improved Brain function
  • Increased joint comfort
  • Improved mood
  • Tougher immune system
  • Relief of PMS symptoms


To Wrap It Up

This very little seed is easy to dismiss and ignore, but it is a source of so many nutrients. The benefits of chia seeds are almost miraculous as the seed works for the health of your whole body. Incorporating chia seeds into your diet brings you all round benefits.



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