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Reasons Medical Marijuana Should Be Legalized In All States

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About 84% of the American populations are of the idea that medical marijuana should be legalized. Like any other prescription drug, medical marijuana can be and is used for medical purposes in most states in the country. Although some of the therapeutic benefits of smoking cannabis may have been exaggerated, recent research on the same shows that medical marijuana is potent enough to treat various health conditions. Studies on the chemical composition of medical marijuana have also demonstrated/given even more reasons why the herb should be used for medicinal purposes.  Some of the medical uses of cannabis have also been listed on the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH).

The two main active compounds found in marijuana cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) all have some medical applications. Cannabidiol is believed to have a considerable effect on the brain without the ‘high’ effect, while THC contains pain relieving though responsible for the ‘high’ effect.

With research on marijuana inconclusive, scientists believe there is still to uncover the medicinal properties of the same.  In addition to the main compounds (THC and CBD), cannabis is also high in more than 400 different compounds with at least 60 of these variants being cannabinoids. Most of these cannabinoids have medicinal properties, a reason why additional research is needed on the same.

Although medical marijuana has plenty of medicinal properties and health benefits, there are still risks involved with using the same. According to research, chronic and heavy use of cannabis can negatively affect the user’s processing speed, learning, and even trigger an impaired memory. These effects are particularly common with individuals who started using marijuana at an early age, (before the age of 16).

There’s therefore enough evidence that medical marijuana is beneficial when used correctly, another reason why more research on the herb is needed.  Some of the benefits of medical marijuana are outlined below.

Medical marijuana is a clinically-approved remedy for treating chronic pains.  According to a report published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and medicine, cannabinoids found in cannabis are highly effective in treating chronic pains. According to the report, most people suffering from chronic pains prefer using medical marijuana as compared to other over-the-counter pain drugs.

There’s concrete evidence on the effectiveness of medical cannabis in treating muscle spasms.  From the report, it is evident that cannabis can be used to treat seizures related to multiple sclerosis.  Other conditions such as diaphragm spasms also respond particularly well to marijuana.

Vaping medical marijuana is also recommended for it helps deliver all these cannabinoids to the system. This helps improve the user’s lung capacity significantly. A study published in the American Medical Association journal also states that using vaping medical marijuana increases the person’s lung capacity. There is also fair evidence confirming that medical marijuana doesn’t harm the lungs. Smoking the same may however affect your lungs.

Researchers are also looking into the effects of pot on heart health. According to a study conducted on more than 5000 young adults, pot users experience an improvement in their lung capacity while cigarette smokers experience reduced lung function over time.  Desktop vaporizers provide an efficient and healthy way to use pot. Researchers believe that the deep breaths that one takes while inhaling pot is the reason behind the improved lung capacity.

Another study on pot and smokers also show that pot users don’t show evidence of damaged lungs even after using the herb for 20 years. Pot users are therefore less likely to contract cancer as compared to cigarette smokers.

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