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5 Twisted Left-Wing Phrases We Should Boycott And Never Use Again

8 Left-Wing Terms We Should Boycott Immediately

Image source: freedomoutpost

You and I are subjected to lies every single day and are expected to believe them. The trick is that these lies aren’t outright, but are instead positioned with misleading wording. We live in a haze of manipulation, and it’s done by using cleverly thought-out words and phrases that many people grab onto and propagate.

The only way to break free from this manipulation is to understand it and call it for what it is, which is why I’ve compiled this short list of words and phrases that should immediately and irrevocably be discarded into the trash heap of history.

Before I get to this list, it’s instructive to know a little history about the manipulation of language for the purpose of misinformation and persuasion.

What’s in a Name?

Propaganda has long been the most valuable tool for despots who wished to control the masses, but it really gathered steam and became a pervasive force with the establishment of the pseudoscience known as psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud. Pseudoscience or not, psychoanalysis became the basis for determining how people and masses of people would and do react to certain types of subtle influences.

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It’s no surprise, then, that the person who introduced the term “public relations” was Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays. Bernays coined the term as a more publicly acceptable phrase for “propaganda” and is considered the father of public relations.

If you can discard the following list from your vocabulary, you will be on your way to seeing things as they actually are and therefore freeing your mind to think clearly and correctly.

1. Hate crimes

Orwell’s 1984 had “thought crimes,” where someone simply thinking about anything that the State disapproved of was illegal. In Minority Report the law enforcement sought to punish crimes that hadn’t yet been – and might never have been – committed.

In reality, there is only “crime.” There are laws, and breaking those laws is a crime. There is no rational means for designating certain crimes as “hate crimes.” What the propagandists try to do with this and other labels is to determine the intent of someone’s heart in the commission of the crime, and then to increase the severity of the punishment based on that completely subjective interpretation of their intent.

Is murder any different whether someone truly hated the person they killed or was indifferent to them? No. Either way, they committed murder, and the punishment for murder can’t logically or fairly be changed for one intent versus the other. In both cases murder was committed, the result was the same, and the punishment should be the same. The term “hate crime” is, like so many things today in our country, meant to further divide people along superficial or imaginary lines.

And to anyone who is still unconvinced, ask yourself why there are different levels of murder, i.e. manslaughter, murder one, etc. These are the distinctions that designate different punishments, and they are just and fair.

2. Undocumented worker

This is one of the most recent propaganda terms that has spread like wildfire. An “undocumented worker” is, of course, an illegal immigrant. It doesn’t mean a Mexican or a Guatemalan, or any other national identity. Regardless of the country they came from, it is a person who has broken the law of the US by coming into the country or staying in the country illegally. Just like “hate crimes,” illegal is illegal, regardless of circumstances. The use of this term is nothing more than a way to try to get the public to accept the problem as a non-problem.

3. Misled

When did we decide that using the word “lie” was such an abomination? Both politicians and journalists alike absolutely refuse in most cases to say that someone has lied. They’ve always “misled,” or used “misleading” words. Again, this is supposed to soften the blow and make the accusation a little less of an accusation. When someone knowingly says something that isn’t true, he or she has lied. Call them liars, because that is in fact what they are, not “misleaders.”

4. Climate change / global warming

If you’re too young to remember it, back in the 1970s we were constantly warned that the next ice age was right around the corner. In fact, by their reckoning we should already be in it. Strangely enough, nothing of the sort ever happened. Then we were warned that the earth was instead getting hotter, and global warming was created.

Climate change is the term now used. In the real world, climate change is real — it’s called seasons and weather. The earth moves in cycles. It always has, and it always will. Your carbon footprint doesn’t mean diddly-squat to the earth, or to its Creator.

5. Pro-choice

Abortion AnniversaryThis phrase is even more misleading than “democracy,” if that’s possible, because it is the biggest lie of all today. The science has spoken on this one, as well. A “fetus” has human DNA at conception, not after X number of weeks. Is is a human life. An acorn from an oak tree can’t become a maple tree or a baboon. It can only become an oak tree. A human fetus can only become an adult human. Therefore, there is no logic whatsoever in any other position. It’s simply a way to murder legally.

If you think that’s hyperbole, then you don’t know the history of Planned Parenthood, the largest and most powerful killing machine in American history. Their founder, Margaret Sanger, spoke plainly about her goal — to wipe out the “undesirables.” These included, by her own admission, black people and other minorities as well as disabled people.

Today in New York, more black babies are murdered by abortion than are born every year. Sanger would be smiling in her grave.

Pro-choice equals no choice. Especially for the most vulnerable of all, the children that they “choose” to kill.

What words would you add to this list? Tell us in the section below:  

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