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Armed Leftists Of “Redneck Revolt” Locked And Loaded For Civil War

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Redneck Revolt

Members of the Redneck Revolt pose fashionably at a recent protest.

A group of heavily armed leftists is locked and loaded for civil war with the federal government and Trump supporters. Members of the “Redneck Revolt” and “John Brown Gun Club” participated in a July 4th rally at an ICE Detention Center outside Denver with semiautomatic rifles.

At least two armed members of “Redneck Revolt,” a self-proclaimed “anti-racist and anti-fascist” group, attended the protest, CBS Denver reported. The armed leftists claimed to be guarding protestors demanding the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The Redneck Revolt openly describes itself as a left-wing militia movement, or “above-ground militant formation,” that is arming for civil war against President Trump. Its members are arming themselves because they believe they are under attack by Trump followers and they are ready to fight back.

Leftists Arming For Civil War

“We need armed community defense programs in every community,” the Redneck Revolt website states. The site also says, “We need to be ready to rapidly respond to the armed right wing threat that menaces our communities.”

“We need to stop being reactionaries when it comes to the topic of armed defense. We are approaching truly dangerous times.” The site asks followers, “Will we be ready?”

Followers have organized the Revolt into local “gun clubs,” that are apparently fronts for terrorist training programs. Republicans should be scared because a post on the Phoenix John Brown Club Facebook page indicates its members regard Trump supporters as the enemy.

“What I saw in Portland was a further sign that we are in the initial stages of a protracted social conflict,” a spokesperson wrote on July 2. “And I experienced what is becoming a key ethical question for journalists reporting America’s nationalist violence and bystanders that witness it: when must we move from observation to intervention?”

The author of the post was describing what he saw at an anti-Trump rally.

Putting The Red Back In Redneck

The group’s motto is “putting the Red back in Redneck.” This should scare every patriot because red apparently refers to the color of the Communist flag.

Frighteningly, Redneck Revolt openly admires Communism. Its website contains articles praising dead Communist leaders as heroes. If that was not enough, the website states “Redneck Revolt stands against capitalism.”

Even though they claim to hate capitalism, the Redneck Revolt Website raises money for local gun clubs through the John Brown Solidarity Fund. The gun clubs are above ground militant formations that will wage war against the group’s enemies.

The site does not say how the organization will utilize the funds. The money they collect they will probably use to buy weapons and ammunition for the civil war.

Redneck Revolt Arming For Revolution

Law-abiding citizens should be frightened because the Redneck Revolt regards police as the enemy. Disturbingly, the group’s members see no difference between the U.S. Armed Forces and racist terrorist groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

“Police, prisons, courts, artificial borders, and other systems of social control only exist to serve the rich,” the website states. The purpose of the John Brown Gun Clubs is to lead a revolution that will destroy those institutions and kill the rich.

“Redneck Revolt believes that there will have to be a complete restructuring of society to provide for the survival and liberty of all people,” the website states. The website makes it clear that they will carry out the restructuring at gunpoint. The Revolt employs the word restructuring, rather than revolution, to fool people into thinking that it is not Communism.

Redneck Revolt claims to have 33 chapters in 20 states, Wikipedia reported. The organization is apparently recruiting nationwide and forming alliances with other left-wing radicals. The number of members Redneck Revolt has is unclear, but there are active chapters in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona.

Is The Redneck Revolt Planning A Second Civil War?

Redneck Revolt’s members are probably planning to emulate their hero John Brown by starting a second civil war. Consequently, they have named their gun clubs after Brown, who is the most famous terrorist in American history.

John Brown was a white farmer from upstate New York. He became a hero to radicals by launching a personal war against slavery in the 1850s. Brown first became famous by organizing guerrilla warfare against pro-slavery Southern settlers in Kansas.

Brown’s Kansas activities included hacking five men to death with sabers for supporting slavery in the Pottawatomie Massacre. As a result of that slaughter, Brown became a national celebrity. This new status allowed him to collect funds and garner support for his next project.

On October 16, Brown and armed followers seized the Federal Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. They planned to use the weapons from the arsenal to turn slaves into an “army of emancipation.” The army would then launch a civil war against the federal government and Southern whites.

The plan failed when Colonel Robert E. Lee attacked the arsenal with a force of U.S. Marines. Instead, of starting a civil war, Brown and his followers were arrested and tried.  Brown and 10 of his followers, including two of his sons, were hanged on December 2, 1859.

Many historians believe that the animosities stirred up by Brown sparked the Civil War. During that conflict, Union troops sang a marching song called “John Brown’s Body” or The John Brown Song to commemorate the man who inspired the war.

The far more famous Battle Hymn of the Republic was loosely based on John Brown’s body.

Hopefully, Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Club will not be as successful as their hero.

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What are your thoughts about the antics of the Redneck Revolt and John Brown Gun Club? Let us know in the comments below.



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