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Dancing FBI Agent Can Carry Gun Again

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dancing FBI agent

A dancing FBI agent accidentally shot a man while doing a backflip in a Denver bar on June 2nd.

Accidentally shooting an innocent bystander doesn’t keep a dancing FBI agent from carrying a pistol. The bureau has allowed Chase Bishop to start carrying his service weapon again.

Outrageously, FBI officials admitted that Bishop is back on duty despite dangerous behavior which people caught on video. Not even millions of views of a viral video and a shooting convinced the FBI that Bishop is dangerous.

Bishop became famous for accidentally shooting a man while doing a backflip in a bar on June 2. The off-duty, dancing FBI agent dropped his gun while busting a move. The pistol went off and a round hit a bystander.

Even video of the shooting, which went viral online, failed to convince a judge that it is not safe for Bishop to carry a gun. Bishop was prevented from carrying because of second-degree assault charges.

Those charges were modified so Bishop can carry a weapon on and off duty “so long as it is done in a manner pursuant to FBI policy,” The Denver Post reports. The Denver District Attorney’s Office is apparently waiting for the results of a blood-alcohol test to move forward with the case.

The Dancing FBI Agent Is Back On The Job

Bishop made headlines during a dance at Mile High Spirits, which is a distillery and nightclub in downtown Denver.

The agent’s pistol reportedly fell out of his holster while he was doing a back-flip. Disturbingly, he made the flip in the middle of a crowd of dancers.

After the flip, the dancing FBI agent made the equally dangerous move of sticking a loaded pistol into his waistband. Furthermore, Bishop made that stupid move even though he was apparently wearing a holster.

Frighteningly, the FBI tried to hide Bishop’s identity by refusing to release it to the media. What’s equally disturbing is the FBI’s refusal to adjust its policies for agents carrying weapons off duty and in public.

Is President Trump Right About The FBI?

There is compelling evidence that the unidentified man shot by Bishop was “pretty seriously hurt” and might lose his job. That revelation came from the shooting victim’s attorney, Frank Azar.

On the negative side, Frank Azar is a personal injury attorney and minor celebrity in Colorado. Specifically, Azar is famous for the numerous ads he runs on Denver TV stations.

Consequently, Azar claimed he was keeping the shooting victim’s identity secret for privacy reasons. Azar is apparently representing the victim in a lawsuit against the FBI.

“He’s still bleeding,” Azar stated on June 5, noting his client was out of the hospital. “He’s on crutches. He’s in a lot of pain, and he’s still in shock.”

The perplexing Bishop case indicates that some of President Trump’s criticism of the FBI is valid. The bureau seems more interested in defending a dancing FBI agent than in protecting the public.

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