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EXPOSED: Homeland Security Requests Russian KGB Troops On US Soil

Napolitano DHS

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The Department of Homeland Security may have entered into an agreement that would allow it to bring 15,000 Russian troops to U.S. soil.

A report posted on the website states that the Russian Emergencies Ministry just completed talks with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The talks included an agreement that would allow Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, to borrow 15,000 troops from Russia in disaster situations. The report stated that the troops would be used for disaster relief and crowd control.

FEMA and the Emergencies Ministry have been holding talks about dealing with threats from space, such as meteorites and asteroid impacts. The two organizations have also been discussing means of responding to disasters such as extreme weather.

Threats from Space

Interestingly enough, the focus of talks completed in Washington on June 26 and covered in Russian but not American media was “threats from space.” Other than meteorites, the nature of such threats was not discussed.

The Russian troops would apparently work directly with U.S. military forces and law enforcement. Their purpose would probably to be to restore order after some sort of catastrophe. The Reagan Coalition piece suggested that the troops had been requested by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and that they would be posted in FEMA Region III which includes the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia.

So what would be the purpose of those troops, and how would they be used? The news sources don’t say, but here is a frightening thought: The troops being requested are not the Russian Army; instead, they are the KGB.

KGB on American Soil

The troops would probably be part of the paramilitary forces of the Federal Protective Service, or FPS, the Russian organization known as the KGB during Soviet times. Like the KGB and the Nazi SS, the FPS has its own troops, including the Kremlin Regiment, which is responsible for order in Moscow.

These troops are equipped and trained like soldiers, but they’re policemen, not soldiers. The idea was to have a paramilitary force that could be used against rebellious citizens. In Russia, such forces are sometimes euphemistically called “border troops.”

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One has to wonder how KGB troops are supposed to deal with a disaster. Other than providing security, which would include shooting down protestors, there’s little they can do. Reports that they would provide crowd control are particularly bothersome because the Russian idea of crowd control is driving over the crowd with a tank.

National Special Security Events

A report by Paul Joseph Watson at Red Flag News states that the troops would provide security at mass events. It didn’t state what the mass events would be. Watson speculated they could include the Super Bowl, presidential inaugurations, and summit meetings such as the G8.

This could be part of a counterterrorism program or a plan to control protestors and civil disobedience. Perhaps the Obama administration is afraid of a repeat of something like the Occupy movement.

This is rather bothersome, and it’s of dubious legality because the Posse Comitatus Act passed after the Civil War makes it illegal for the federal government to deploy troops against citizens. It should be noted that the federal government has violated that act before, most notably during World War II, when army troops were used to round up Japanese Americans and place them in “concentration camps” by the Franklin Roosevelt administration. Troops were also used against Native Americans, union members, and even protestors during the Vietnam War.

So What Is Going on Here?

These reports are hard to figure out because few details about the Russian troops are available. Although, one reason why Homeland Security might want Russian FSP troops is that they are theoretically civilians and therefore are not bound by the Posse Comitatus Act. The government could use the fiction that they are policemen and not soldiers to justify their presence.

Yet the reason for these negotiations and this action has not been revealed. One possibility could be that the federal government thinks that some sort of massive catastrophe is about to befall the United States or the world. What that catastrophe could be has not been revealed.

It is hard to believe that there’s a giant meteor, asteroid, or comet headed for the Earth that we don’t know about; unless, of course, such a cosmic event is being covered up to prevent mass panic. There’s also the exotic possibility of alien invasion, but we’ll leave that to the realm of science fiction.

Is Some Sort of Massive Catastrophe Coming?

The Obama administration might also think that global warming is about to cause extreme weather and other natural catastrophes that might make large areas of the United States ungovernable. Obviously, they might not want the public to know about such a possibility in order to prevent mass panic.

Yet another possibility would be some sort of economic upheaval such as a depression. A depression in the 1890s led to rioting, strikes, and massive labor unrest. The government could expect such unrest and is afraid that its military forces might be unable to deal with it.

One really disturbing scenario is that the elite wants to protect itself from civil unrest and might not believe U.S. troops would do the job; i.e., they want to protect Wall Street, Beverly Hills, and Georgetown from the rioting mobs but don’t trust U.S. troops to shoot down rioting Americans. Russian soldiers would have no such qualms, especially if they were paid some sort of cash bonus by the investment bankers.

If such a catastrophe is coming, it would be a good idea to be prepared for it. Unfortunately, most Americans are not prepared for it; even many preppers are not very well prepared.

We live, it seems, in interesting times. If these reports are true, expect to hear a lot more of this, especially if Congress starts asking questions about it. Something very strange is going on here, and we should definitely take notice of it.

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