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FBI Investigating Bundy Supporters

Image source: Baltimore Sun

Image source: Baltimore Sun

Supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy are facing an investigation by the FBI and possible criminal charges, media outlets in Las Vegas are reporting.

The FBI is looking into allegations that Bundy supporters pointed guns at federal employees and Las Vegas police officers.

“We have confirmed from multiple sources that a criminal probe is underway,” George Knapp, a reporter for Channel 8 in Las Vegas, said. “Cliven Bundy supporters have been adamant in saying to us that no weapons were aimed at feds or police, that the BLM rangers were the ones pointing guns. From the sound of things they will be given a chance to prove those allegations because the FBI is coming their way.”

FBI agents have begun interviewing Las Vegas Metro Police officers who intervened to end the April 12 showdown between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Bundy supporters. Some of the officers have told Channel 8 that Bundy supporters pointed guns at them and made death threats against them. The investigation cannot be officially confirmed because the FBI does not make public the details about ongoing probes to the media.

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The FBI’s main focus in the investigation is to identify those people who were pointing weapons at federal agents. The agency is looking over videotapes and photographs in an effort to do this.

Sheriff out to Get Bundy Supporters?

“Yes there’s going to be consequences, definitely that’s unacceptable behavior” Assistant Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said of Bundy supporters. Lombardo was present at the April 12 standoff at a BLM corral near Bunkerville, Nevada, north of Las Vegas. “The federal authorities are conducting an investigation and I’m pretty confident it’s going to continue into the future.”

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department is commanded by the Clark County sheriff, who serves as the police chief for the city as well as the county sheriff. Channel 8 reported that both Lombardo and his boss, Sheriff Doug Gillespie, have been questioned by the FBI.

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“They have a certain standard of what they believe is a violation of the law,” Lombardo told The Las Vegas Review Journal. “You can’t expect the federal government to walk away.”

New Details about Bundy Standoff Revealed

Channel 8 and The Review Journal have uncovered some interesting new details about the modern day range war between the Bundy family and the federal government. New revelations include:

  • BLM rangers, contractors and employees had to be protected from Bundy supporters by Las Vegas Metro Police.
  • It was Lombardo who urged the BLM to release Bundy’s cattle. The agency had rounded up the cattle because Bundy refused to pay grazing fees. Lombardo said he asked for the release to save human lives. Lombardo claimed that around 75 percent of the Bundy supporters at the standoff were armed.
  • At least one of the FBI agents investigating the Bundy supporters is part of the Southern Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force, The Review Journal reported.

Metro Police officers alleged that some of the protesters were hiding behind women and children.

“It is not a rumor, that was reality and I saw that with my own eyes,” Metro Police Sergeant Tom Jenkins told Knapp. Jenkins, who was present at the corral standoff, also claimed that Bundy supporters asked him if he wanted to die.

The Bundy supporters could face federal charges as well as similar assault charges in Nevada courts.

Some of the supporters could also face unspecified weapons charges, Channel 8 reported.

Lombardo is one of the candidates in the race to replace Gillespie, who is retiring as Clark County sheriff.

Do you believe Bundy supporters should be investigated? Let us know in the comments below. 

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