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‘Nanny State Bill’ Passes Mandating That Teachers Grade PARENTS

Nanny State: Bill Passes Mandating That Teachers Grade PARENTS

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Teachers would be required to monitor parents’ involvement with their children and even “grade” their interaction under a proposed state law in Mississippi.

If House Bill 4 is approved, then parents would receive grades for homework completion, attendance at school and even test scores. The bill is known as the Parent Involvement and Accountability Act and already passed the Republican-controlled House.

The parental grades would be written in a section of the report card that teachers would be required to fill out.

“My initial reaction is, this is absurd,” Mary Clare Reim, a research associate at the Heritage Foundation, told “The concept that parents should be graded by teachers on their involvement is a reversal of what the education system should look like. Parents should be grading teachers on their performance. Putting grades on parental involvement from the top down is not the way this should work.”

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Nanny State: Bill Passes Mandating That Teachers Grade PARENTS

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The bill sponsored by State Representative Gregory Holloway Jr. (D-Hazlehurst) would mandate how school districts in Mississippi regulate student and teacher behavior.

The bill applies to schools that receive a D or worse grade from the Mississippi Department of Education, although other school districts would have the option of implementing it.

“Each report card for students in kindergarten through Grade 12 shall include a section in which the teacher grades parental involvement as satisfactory, in need of improvement or unsatisfactory,” the bill says.

Parents would be graded on:

  • Attendance at parent-teacher conferences.
  • Whether children get to school on time.
  • Whether children complete homework on time.
  • What grades the child makes.

The bill passed the Republican-controlled Mississippi House of Representatives by a vote of 75-4.

Would you support or oppose the bill? Share your thoughts on it in the section below:

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