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The Colony – Week 7: Tick

Starvation wreaks havoc on the human body; it also shows its earliest side effects in the human mind. Irritability, increased depression and decreased concentration are just the beginning. To see firsthand the disastrous down sides of starvation all you need do is watch Episode 7 of The Colony. If last weeks show was about the need for proper hydration, Tick was about what the lack of nutrition does to the mind, body and nervous system. We learned being hungry makes you so much more than just cranky.

A general sense of confusion and crabbiness has settled over The Colony like a wet, itchy, heavy blanket. As uncomfortable as it must be for the survivors, it’s even uncomfortable to watch. With only 2 days of food supplies remaining, tempers are running high. George has lost 34 pounds in the opening 40 days of “survival” and it exemplifies the situation the survivors find themselves in.

The new leader Sally, early on portrayed as the most reasonable and crafty, turns out in days 40-41-42 to be anything but a leader. Instead of focusing the groups vision and direction, she oversees a mish-mash of initiatives that in the end prove fruitless. Like the old song from the Clash “Should I stay or should I go now” it’s obvious that the lack of calories has begun to eat at the brains of the colonists. They have no cohesive plan and it is painfully obvious.

Are you focused on security or escape Sally? No one knows.

More than weight loss, the colonists have lost patience and begin to pick fights with each other over food, sleep habits, security details (as if there are any) which ultimately leads to one of the most ridiculous battles between the stranded bunkmates so far.

Amber finds a smaller boat at the edge of the compound and begins, works hard to fix a large hole in its floor and decides to add a bit of class to the tiny ship by naming it and attaching a logo. When the others find out she has named it without a group discussion, all out pettiness brakes loose. The verbal berating of Amber by Becka seems to chum the waters. Like blood in the water to sharks, the others move in to take a piece of Amber ultimately questioning her loyalty to the group.

Deville wants to build a watchtower on the roof of the main house so as to detect intruders. Attempting to lift an old staircase brings near disaster. As the hoist begins, the heavy wood structure suddenly crashes back to the earth due to a weak rope and the even weaker human muscles. Thankfully, no one is hurt or seriously injured when their new security portal plunges to the ground.

Next on the scattered agenda, they work to restore a second, larger boat than Amber’s to use as an escape vehicle. After lengthy diagrams, planning and the decision to use the airplane engine as its power source, project number 3 begins. Michel uses his obvious skill as a distiller and sets out to manufacture “jet fuel” out of sugar and yeast. It’s apparent that he will do anything to repay the group for his failure as the overnight guard last week.

Taking a quick brake from the lunacy, they fry up some cockroaches for a “high protein” snack and are amazed at how they really don’t taste all that bad.

The monotony is broken when an obviously pregnant woman arrives on the edge of camp asking for a chair and some water. The colonists, lead by Reno, feel compassion and scatter to find a few things for her. Moments later they learn she is a well-placed decoy. While they are attending to her needs her four accomplices enter the rear of the compound and begin to scavenge for supplies. Eventually, Jim is momentarily captured by one the burglars, armed with a fairly creative net gun. Reno runs to his aid, frees him and fights off the assailants.

Adam Ticknor, 33, a U.S. Marine Corps: Infantryman, Recon Marine and Scout Sniper from Seguin, TX.

Then in as surreal a moment as I have ever seen on TV, so much so I can’t believe that it actually went down the way it was portrayed on camera. An outsider walks in to the middle of the camp, in broad daylight, with every colonist in the yard busying themselves with useless tasks and stakes a note on a piece of wood with a hunting knife within feet of a clueless Reno. He then turns around a walks back in to the woods and not one survivor looks up to recognize him. Not one. Finally, as the intruder is disappearing into the brush some 25 yards away, Deville catches a glimpse and sounds the alarm.

After a few moments of panic, the survivors find the note along with the realization that the intruder could have just as easily slashed Reno’s throat as left a note.

So much for the watchtower.

The note, signed by someone named “Tick” invites them to a sunset meeting at the edge of the complex. Our confused cohorts decide to send Reno to check out the invitation. When he arrives, Tick is sitting at the end of a long, food-fulled table and invites a cautious Reno by name. Soon, disarmed by Ticks charitable offer of food and even more welcoming disposition, the remaining group joins him at the table. A nervous Jim remains a short distance away as a lookout.

Apparently, growling stomachs are stronger than cautious minds.

By meals end they learn “Tick” is Adam Tickner, a former Marine sniper and special forces recon expert who has concealed himself, successfully hunted and thrived within the compound alongside and outside the awareness of the colonists for 35 days. Before too long he accepts the invitation to join the group.

No quarantine for Tick. No cooling-off period. Tick is now in and gets busy searching the inside of the bunkhouse.

Becka and Reno set out to scavenge and stumble across a ringing payphone. When the voice on the other end identifies itself as the Viral Outbreak Protection Agency the uneasy feeling is hard to escape.

If you have a survival plan and food isn’t a part of that plan, you have no plan at all!

Brian Brawdy is a former New York Police Officer turned survival expert/political analyst. He is a frequent contributor to Off The Grid News, the co-Host of Off The Grid News Radio and the editor of
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