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How To Live Off Grid In The Mountains

north carolina mountainsIf you’re going to live off the grid and you have a choice of where to move, you might as well choose one of the most scenic parts of the United States – say, the mountains of North Carolina.

Of course, living in the mountains presents its own set of unique challenges, but as North Carolina mountain off-gridder Robb Cool tells us in this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, it’s worth it. Robb, his wife Jaime and their 8-year-old daughter are completely off-grid, and he has stories and tips that anyone – on or off the grid – can find useful.

Robb tells us:

  • What his family grows in their “mountain gardens,” and how they preserve it for year-round enjoyment.
  • Why “mountain living” provides more perks than so-called “luxurious living” ever will.
  • How they’ve earned extra cash by being off the grid, despite living an hour from the nearest town.
  • Why all off-gridders should consider beekeeping – and how it can provide multiple benefits.
  • How raising a child off the grid teaches lessons that cannot be learned in school.
  • Why conventional wisdom about buying and selling at farmer’s markets may be wrong.

Robb also tells us how he gets power and heat, and he share tips for indoor plumbing projects you may have considered. In addition, he tosses in a bear story. If you have a romantic view of mountain living, then this week’s show is definitely for you!

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