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Won’t Back Down: Robin Speronis Says She’ll Continue Off-The-Grid Battle

robin speronisHer story is making national headlines, and off-the-gridder Robin Speronis talked to us in-depth this week about her legal case, days after a judge ordered her to hook up to utility water.

Her case could impact off-the-grid citizens and families from coast to coast.

Robin is trying to live off the grid in Cape Coral, Florida – no utility electricity or utility water – but the city says she cannot and is trying to force her out of her home. It’s using “international” code, and even went so far this week as to dig up her yard and cap her sewer line.

We last spoke to Robin earlier this month, but much has happened in her case since then. In our latest interview with her, she shares with us details about her situation you won’t read or hear anywhere else:

  • How her case could end up impacting every similar off-the-gridder.
  • Why she remains optimistic and encouraged.
  • What she believes is the city’s motive.
  • How she’s going to get by without a sewer line.

You’ll be frustrated, yes, but also hopeful after hearing her interview with us.

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