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Are Bill And Hillary Clinton Actually Faking Mental Illness?

faking mental illness

Some pundits are wondering if faking mental illness is part of a larger strategy.

Hillary Clinton seems to be literally falling apart before the eyes of the world. The former first lady looked so bad during a trip to Australia in early May that The Daily Mail speculated she was on the point of collapse.

Clinton looked visibly aged, overwrought, overweight, and tired in photos of a book tour in Melbourne and Sydney. She appeared to be wearing a wig and a great deal of makeup. Clinton also covered her eyes with dark sunglasses.

Another intriguing question is why was Clinton wearing a heavy blue jacket and a scarf on a sunny day in Australia? Moreover, The Mail noted she was wearing the same outfit seen in public appearances in much colder New York City. Clinton has been wearing heavy jackets at all her public appearances.

Mail writers speculated that Mrs. Clinton might be wearing a back brace. Some people have reinforced such speculation by claiming to have spotted a brace under her jacket.

The failed Democratic presidential candidate reportedly suffered a fall in a bathtub during a trip to India earlier this year. Clinton was x-rayed and underwent a CT scan after that incident. Also, Clinton fell during a visit to the Jahaz Mahal Palace but was caught by Secret Service agents.

Is Bill Melting Down Too?

Hillary is not the only Clinton who is collapsing in public. Former President Bill Clinton (D-Arkansas) underwent what observers called a “meltdown” on The Today Show. Even a major liberal newspaper, The Washington Post, found Bill’s interview full of lies.

Bill claimed he left the White House $16 million in debt and confessed to an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Nevertheless, The Washington Post noted that the ex-president exaggerated some of the claims he made – including boasts about the number of women he hired.

The Post noted that the Clintons’ income was $16 million in 2001 after Bill left office. That income included $8 million Hillary was paid from a book deal and $125,000 Bill received for each speech he gave. The Washington Post Fact Checker gave Bill three out of five Pinocchios for lying.

Clinton also claimed to have apologized to “everybody in the world.” Daily Beast writer Erin Gloria Ryan wrote that she was not able to find any reports of Bill apologizing to Lewinsky. Ryan was so disgusted by Clinton’s behavior on The Today Show that she called it “shocking.”

faking mental illness

Is Bill OK?

Are The Clintons Faking Mental Illness?

Cynics will wonder if both Clintons are faking mental illness or dementia in an attempt to avoid prosecution or legal problems.

The Department of Justice’s Inspector General plans to release a report on the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign on June 14, Politco reported. Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed the date in a letter to U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

Bill might be afraid of prosecution or legal action over his past sexual escapades. The former President might fear that he will be investigated and prosecuted like comedy legend Bill Cosby was. A jury convicted Cosby of sexual assault on April 26, 2018.

In addition, members of the Me Too Movement have decidedly targeted Bill Clinton. The organization is attacking male public figures accused of sexual assault and the abuse of women. Me Too attacks also preceded Cosby’s prosecution.

Faking mental illness or dementia might not help the Clintons. A variety of age-related health problems, including blindness, did not stop a jury from convicting Cosby.

The Clintons might be considering such a mental illness or dementia defense because even the liberal media seems to have turned on them. Alternatively, they might simply be falling apart under the pressure of the Me Too movement and the media spotlight.

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What are your thoughts about Bill and Hillary Clinton actually faking mental illness? Let us know in the comments below.

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