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Off-Gridders Threatened: Get Rid Of Your Wood Stove Or Face Thousands Of Dollars In Fines

Get Rid Of Your Wood Stove Or Face Thousands Of Dollars In Fines, Residents Told

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Montreal residents that burn wood for heat must register their stoves and by October 2018, must replace them with newer models or face thousands of dollars in fines.

The registration is part of an effort to ban most wood-burnings heaters in Canada’s second largest city.

The burning of wood, coal, pellets and other solid fuels is already banned during smog alerts in Montreal. Starting October 18, 2018, the city will extend the ban to all devices that emit more than 2.5 grams of fine particles an hour. Any fireplace, furnace or stove that does not meet that standard will be banned, and there is no grandfather clause. With some older models emitting 10 to 20 grams per hour, many residents will be forced to find a new source of heat – and stop using heaters that may have been in the family for generations.

The new law effectively bans all older stoves and fireplaces because they are not certified by the EPA, the CBC reported. Persons who refuse to replace or stop using their wood burners will face a $500 fine for the first offense, a $1,000 fine for the second offense and a $2,000 fine for every offense beyond that.

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Get Rid Of Your Wood Stove Or Face Thousands Of Dollars In Fines, Residents ToldSupporters of the ban say it is an attempt to reduce air pollution. Persons who want to keep burning wood will have to install inserts that can cost between $2,000 and $8,000. The only exemption to the ban would be if a power outage lasts more than three hours.

Many Canadian citizens are criticizing the proposal.

“After thousands of years relying on fire as a source of heat, suddenly humans have discovered fire is so dangerous that we must use the power provided by a government monopoly instead,” a man named Tristan Verboven wrote in the National Post’s story comments. “Yet somehow vehicle and industrial emissions are not worth eliminating. That would be way more complicated than inspecting people`s private homes to enforce a law everyone knows is a racket.”

Wrote another person, Michael Sweny, “First a gun registry and now a wood stove registry. Utterly insane!”

In the United States, Too

In the United States, San Francisco already has banned such stoves. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, which regulates pollution in the San Francisco Bay area, will ban the installation of new wood-burning heaters starting November 1, 2016. Fireplaces already were banned.

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Limited bans on wood burning are common in other areas of the country, including Grand Junction, Colorado. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment ordered residents of that city not to use wood stoves without an EPA sticker during a recent inversion in that city. The sticker certifies that the stoves meet new EPA standards. An inversion is an atmospheric condition that traps air pollution in a region, usually in the winter.

It looks as if wood burning could soon be a thing of the past in many parts of the United States and Canada.

Do you agree or disagree with the new laws in Montreal and San Francisco? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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  1. Montreal gets COLD and regularly gets piled with snow every winter. The wealthy elitists and oil oligarchs have been behind the suppression of alternative and clean energy technology for decades keeping such technology from the masses by buying up patents and even rejecting patents for the sake of keeping the masses on petroleum fossil fuels. The petroleum industry wants to play both sides of the coin. They want to keep the use of gasoline ,diesel and coal powered plants going but at the same time want to forbid the masses from using the most basic form of heat that has been used for thousands of years. They are hypocrites and evil scum. In many localities also, when a person wants to go completely off-grid with solar panels there is a lot of hassle with code enforcement in being able to do so. Take industrial hemp as an example, that particular plant could get North America completely off gasoline and diesel and put an end to smog hovering over large cities such as Los Angeles,ect. It would devastate the petroleum industry and they very well have known this for decades. If it is a cheaper alternative that threatens their monopolistic greed for control and profits, even when it is cleaner and environmentally harmless, then they will fight tooth and toenail to prevent it from reaching the masses. Like I said, they are hypocritical scum. This issue over burning wood should rally people together. I have an OLD wood burning stove and live in the CO mountains of the Rockies. I will burn all the wood I want in it, whenever I want, for ever how long I want. Fine me, I won’t pay the fines, put me in jail and as soon as I get out, I will go home and put more wood in the wood stove and start it up again. Put me in jail again, and my only dream will be waiting to get out again so I can go back home and start up the wood stove again. Remove by wood stove from my home and I will get another one. Take my home away, and I will eventually search out another home with a wood stove and start it all over again.

    • Wrong. The big oil/coal companies are not behind the woodburning regulations. The truth is that there are small groups of concerned citizens who have (rightfully) persuaded governments to do something to reduce harmful wood smoke pollution. But don’t worry, you will still be able to use an approved stove if you use it with a conscientious effort to burn in a proper manner. The big problem is that there are too many burners that haven’t a clue as to how to do this right.

  2. It’s very simple to resist these ridiculous, made-up, money grabbing laws….I WILL NOT COMPLY…..period. Neither should anyone else.

  3. The City needs to produce proof of contract containing Oath of Office and original signatures between the Principal and the City giving the City JURISDICTION to impose their code on the Principal.

    The Principal is the living free will adult man (male or female) to whom the legal identity name (as agent in commerce) is associated via birth registration. The agent is merely a legal fiction with no mind or body and is the property of the registering authority under agency to the Crown as per section 12 of the Copyright Act. The birth registration is the second Crown document establishing that fact. Crown Copyright in the Information Age (pg 29 of online version – pg 32 of print version) is the third Crown document establishing that fact.

    When there is no Contract, there is NO JURISDICTION for imposition of the law and NO OBLIGATION for compliance. Contracts imposed forcefully or through coersion or fraud are VOID.

  4. Oh, but they can poison us to death, but dam us if we want to be warm.

  5. Fairbanks Ak. is going thru this now and I refuse to comply and my wife agrees. We disagree on the fines, she says pay I say don’t. But otherwise we are a united front and others here are also.

  6. Off-Gridders are NOT threatened. Get a rocket stove, anyone burning a big stove today is doing it wrong anyway. This isn’t a big issue and many people suffer from health issues concerning wood burning. Mountain/molehill.

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