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Even Bill Gates Thinks That We Can Burn Fossil Fuels And Still Limit Climate Change

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limit climate change

The mainstream media refuses to discuss technologies that could limit climate change without reducing fossil fuel use.

It could be possible to limit climate change without reducing fossil fuel use. Specifically, it is possible to remove greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air.

The theory behind climate change is that high CO2 levels created by burning fossil fuels raise the Earth’s temperature. Therefore, we could hypothetically limit climate change by taking CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Planting more trees could pull carbon dioxide out of the air, the U.S. National Academies of Sciences claims. To demonstrate, growing more mangrove trees around the coasts could cut the amount of CO2 in the air.

How To Limit Climate Change Without Reducing Fossil Fuel Use

As a result, there are ways to limit climate change without reducing fossil fuel use. For another example, seaside marshes can capture large amounts of carbon dioxide, the BBC reports.

Expanding seaside marshes by coastal engineering is the lowest cost option to limit climate change, Princeton University Professor Stephen Pacala claims. Furthermore, better forest management could reduce CO2 levels considerably.

To illustrate, faster replanting of trees after forest fires and logging could also curtail CO2. Trees soak up carbon dioxide because, like all plants, they use it for food through the process of photosynthesis. If we allow trees to grow larger, then we can limit alleged greenhouse gas emissions because bigger trees soak up more CO2.

How You Could Limit Climate Change While Using Fossil Fuels

Farmers could limit climate change by planting cover crops on empty fields.

Moreover, property owners could limit climate change by planting grass, trees, or gardens on their land. This could diminish CO2 emissions because any plant will absorb carbon dioxide.

Consequently, planting a flower or vegetable garden or a lawn could help in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. So, anybody with empty land could fight climate change by simply enhancing their gardening endeavors.

Technologies That Limit Climate Change Without Reducing Fossil Fuel Use

There are some technologies that could limit climate change without reducing fuel use. Notably, the mainstream media refuses to discuss these technologies.

For instance, burning plants or trees that soak up carbon to generate electricity could reduce greenhouse gases, the National Academy of Sciences asserts. Additionally, we could store the emissions from coal or wood-burning power plants underground rather than releasing pollution into the air.

Interestingly, we could use carbon dioxide to make cement, Quartz reports. In fact, companies like Solidia Technologies and CarbonCure are using carbon instead of water to make cement.

What Bill Gates Really Thinks About Limiting Climate Change

CarbonCure claims it could make cement and concrete stronger by injecting carbon dioxide into them.

This process could limit climate change because the CO2 will come from fossil fuel burning engines or power plants. Notably, CarbonCure estimates that concrete and cement making generates 7% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

Significantly, well-known climate change zealot Bill Gates is investing in CarbonCure through his Breakthrough Energy Ventures hedge fund. Because of this, it’s clear that even Gates thinks we could limit climate change while burning fossil fuels.

Ultimately, the liberal media claim that reducing fossil fuel use is the only way to limit climate change could likely be false. There are alternatives to reducing fossil fuel use that are quite blatantly being ignored.

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Do you think that climate change is even a real issue? Can we take steps to care for our environment without subscribing to a radical, elitist agenda? Let us know in the comments below.

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