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Scientists Find That Candles Are Dangerous Just In Time For Christmas

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candles are dangerous

Scientists now say that candles are dangerous to your health and a fire hazard.

A candlelit Christmas this year could very well be hazardous to your health. Do you want to know why? Because the experts have now concluded that candles are dangerous. Significantly, toxic fumes and fires are two of the main ways that candles can kill you.

In particular, candle fumes are more toxic than diesel exhaust, Danish scientists claim. Additionally, researchers at Copenhagen University report that candle fumes damage the lungs and spleen.

Denmark’s health authority has been investigating candles because of the risks they pose, The Guardian reports. In fact, a group of scientists is also now involved in examining candle dangers.

Candles Are Dangerous, Scientists Warn

“Danes burn more candles than anywhere else in the world, and we have a shorter life expectancy compared to other European countries,” Professor Lars Gunnarsen observes. Gunnarsen is a member of the committee investigating candle hazards.

The committee concluded that candles are dangerous because of an increasing number of house fires in Denmark. Notwithstanding, The Guardian blames the fires on the popular Danish pastime of Hygge.

Hygge is dangerous because it involves cuddling up in bed with candles burning nearby. Amazingly, some Danes put the candles on their sheets during Hygge.

Furthermore, some Danes add alcoholic beverages to the mix. So, as a result of questionable decision making, some Danes are making candles far more dangerous than they ought to be.

Candles Are Dangerous Because They Accelerate Aging

Moreover, candle fumes could speed up the aging process by affecting chromosomes.

Copenhagen University scientists maintain that candles are dangerous because the fumes expedite the aging process. For instance, candle fumes could make arteries harden faster and they can increase the risk of heart attacks.

In addition, candle fumes could heighten inflammation which, in turn, can increase the risk of health problems such as heart disease and type II diabetes. Consequently, candles are dangerous to your health and a fire hazard.

However, scientists have not fully studied the effects of candle fumes on human beings, Professor Peter Møller admits. Particularly, Møller is the lead author of the Copenhagen University study on the dangers of candle fumes.

Candles Are Dangerous Because They Cause Fires

The number of house fires in Denmark typically increases by 35% in December and January each year because of candles.

Notably, Mads Dalgaard of BRS, Denmark’s emergency management agency, blames candle use for increased fire dangers. All in all, candles are dangerous but the practice of hygge further increases this danger.

“Yet still there is a problem with hygge and candles, especially children and teenagers, who like to have hygge in their bedrooms,” stated Marcello Francati. Francati is a fire prevention manager at the Copenhagen fire department.

Hygge Is Dangerous Mainly Because Candles Are Dangerous

Hygge is apparently a menace because candles are dangerous, The Guardian warns. Thus, it will be a good idea to practice hygge with electric lights.

To explain, hygge is a Danish word for being comfortable and enjoying the simple things. By and large, hygge is not necessarily dangerous but hygge with candles may present a health risk.

Ultimately, Americans should use electric lights at Christmas if they want to be safe and avoid danger at all costs. After all, scientists have now officially established that candles are dangerous to our health and our homes.

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What do you think? Are candles really all that dangerous? Let us know in the comments below.


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