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Crime Is Out Of Control In The UK And It’s Getting Worse

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crime is out of control

Crime is out of control in Great Britain. Estimates put as many as 4,629 criminal gangs and syndicates and 33,598 professional gangsters operating in the UK.

Britain’s top cop admits that crime is out of control in the United Kingdom. Lynne Owens tells The Guardian that British police cannot cope with modern crime.

For instance, Owens estimates there are 4,629 criminal gangs and syndicates and 33,598 professional gangsters operating in the UK. As a consequence, the number of gangsters in Britain exceeds the membership of the Italian mafia, The Guardian calculates.

Owens thinks crime is out of control because police target just 6% of those gangsters. Moreover, Owens reveals Britain is being overrun by criminals from all over the world.

Crime Is Out Of Control In England

In particular, the London Metropolitan Police have arrested burglars from Chile in the last two years.

Owens thinks the burglars are being flown to the UK by South American crime bosses. Once in London, the Chilean burglars pillage wealthy people’s homes.

Surprisingly, reports of slavery or indentured servitude in the UK increased by 35% between 2016 and 2017. Owens blames organized crime for the increase since most of the indentured servants are illegal immigrants. Specifically, Owens believes gangsters bring in most of the illegal immigrants.

Drug Crime Is Out Of Control In The UK

Drug crime is also out of control in the UK. Overdose deaths in Britain are at a near all-time high because purer cocaine and fentanyl is flooding the streets. Fentanyl, particularly, is 100 times stronger than morphine.

Gangs are using to children to sell drugs from rented homes in the English countryside. In addition, gangs are prostituting children out of rented apartments in British cities.

Violent wars between drug gangs are breaking out in London because of how far the crime is out of control. Furthermore, The Guardian reports 123 murders in London so far in 2018.

Sex Crime Is Out Of Control In The UK

Besides drugs, sex crime is out of control in the United Kingdom.

For example, online child sex abuse in the United Kingdom increased by over 700% between 2014 and 2017. In fact, The Guardian estimates that child sex abuse videos in the UK draw an audience of 80,000, which is larger than the nation’s entire prison population.

Cyber predators are running wild in the UK. Significantly, a court convicted online monster Matthew Falder of blackmailing 137 women into torturing themselves. Falder, a former university professor, is now serving a 25-year prison sentence.

Crime Is Out Of Control In The British Countryside

Crime is even out of control in the English countryside along with the nation’s cities.

To illustrate, gangs are chopping up machinery on British farms into parts, The Guardian reveals. Gangsters then export the parts to other countries.

Other gangs dump tons of garbage and industrial waste on private property at night. To clarify, gangs organize waste disposal companies that charge a low rate. Instead of legal landfills, the disposal company dumps the waste on other people’s properties.

The Guardian states that farmers and other property owners have found their land covered with trash. The trash costs tens of thousands of dollars to clean up.

Policing No Longer Works In The UK

“We need to fundamentally re-examine the policing model,” Owens admits. Owens thinks that crime is out of control because Britain’s police are old-fashioned and ineffective.

Importantly, Owens is director of Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA). The NCA is Her Majesty’s Government’s equivalent of the FBI, a national agency that investigates crime.

Owens wants to centralize and modernize British police forces to deal with 21st crime. To elaborate, Owens thinks the UK is fighting 21st Century crime with a 19th Century police force.

Lynne Owens is a second-generation police officer with 29 years of experience. Owens began her career as a beat cop in London and rose to chief constable (police chief) in Surrey before taking command of the NCA.

Notably, Owens thinks that her most important job is to wake the British people up to the threat of organized crime. Ultimately, Owens believes Britain is becoming a hub for all kinds of organized crime.

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What do you think about the crime situation in the UK? Will it continue to get worse and is there any correlation to gun control? Let us know in the comments below.


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