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Emotionally Rattled Vegan Protestors Attacked By “Meat Throwing” Butcher

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meat throwing butcher

The meat throwing butcher is not the first carnivorous foodie to go after vegan protestors.

Radical vegetarian or vegan protestors met their match in a meat throwing butcher in Yorkshire, England.

The butcher went nuts when protestors came to his stall at Kirkgate Market, an indoor mall, on August 6, 2018. Security guards apparently asked the protestors to leave, but they stayed nonetheless.

The protestors’ actions prompted an unidentified butcher to pick up a nice cut of meat and go after them. However, a YouTube video of the incident posted at LAD Bible does not show a meat throwing butcher. Instead, a man approaches protestors with meat in his hands attempting to explain the marbling of the T-Bone.

The LAD Bible blog claims the butcher threw a T-Bone steak and a rack of ribs at the protestors. Furthermore, a photo at that website shows a man running around with ribs in his hands.

One butcher displayed a pig’s head to taunt the protestors. However, the video only shows a pig’s head on the counter of the butcher shop.

Is The Meat Throwing Butcher For Real?

One of the protestors was Ginette Lindstrom, who also videotaped the meat throwing butcher. “The abuse started immediately as we had turned the corner and became visible to the butchers,” Lindstrom charged.

“The butcher physically assaulted me with the animal body parts,” Lindstrom claimed. “He pushed them in my face and into the face of two others and forced it to the mouth of another who got animal blood on her cheek.”

At least two men from a butcher shop in the Kirkgate Market taunted the protests. Neither the video nor the LAD Bible shows what the protestors were doing.

Surprisingly, the owners of a nearby vegetable stall joined the butchers in their “counter-protest.” The vegetable merchants hurled insults instead of meat at the protestors. Then, these merchants threw water at them, perhaps with thoughts of some kind of stew in mind.

“I had water thrown at me along with the other protesters from the guys who owned the vegetable stall opposite the butchers,” Lindstrom charged. “My phone got soaked among other things.”

Chef Attacked Protestors

The meat throwing butcher is not the first carnivorous foodie to go after vegan protestors.

In March, Toronto chef Michael Hunter enraged vegan protesters by eating a venison steak in front of them. The protestors brought a “meat is murder” sign to Hunter’s restaurant, which goes by the name of “Antler.” Antler apparently specializes in natural meats and meat from game animals.

The vegans were trying to pressure Hunter, who calls himself the “Hunter Chef,” to add vegan steaks to his menu, as The Mirror reported. Hunter responded by carving up the leg of a deer in the restaurant. He also put up a sign that read “Venison is the new Kale.”

Ethical Meat Merchant

“I chose Antler because their patrons feel good about eating ethical meat,” protest leader Marni Ugar said. “I believe there’s no such thing; for that one animal, no matter what kind of animal and how they were raised, that’s their life and they don’t want to die.”

“When Michael came to the window carving into the leg of a deer, he looked like a crazed man unravelling in front of us, ” Ugar said. “We’re being attacked for protesting a small business who only has a couple of vegan options.” Many vegans are now supporting legislation that will force restaurants to offer a minimum number of vegan dishes.

With elevated emotions on both sides, future confrontations are almost a certainty.  Some of the vegans have discussed purchasing vegetables from the vegetable stall to throw at the butchers. One area resident said privately that he had heard that the butchers were still preparing themselves for conflict. He said that they were using what he called special “weaponized” throwing cuts of meat. They’ve designed these pieces to hurt feelings and yet not do physical damage on impact.

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