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Watch Clueless Americans Draw Blanks On Who Washington, D.C., Was Named After

Watch Clueless Americans Draw Blanks On Who Washington, D.C., Was Named After

Image source: YouTube


About half of Southern California beachgoers interviewed by prankster Mark Dice did not know who the nation’s capital – Washington D.C. — was named after.

In his latest funny-yet-disturbing video, Dice found that many everyday Americans he encountered did not know that Washington was named after George Washington.

Two Italian tourists, it should be noted, easily answered the question.

“Who is our nation’s capital named after?” Dice asked one woman.

“Why do you ask something like that?” the woman answered. “Can I Google it? … I don’t know. I give up. I plead the fifth.”

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Two other women were even more clueless.

“Our nation’s capital?” one answered before the other responded: “I have no idea.”

Dice tried to help the women by saying, “The capital of America. [It’s] named after a certain person.”

But the women still didn’t know.

The fourth person on the video that Dice asked did know the correct answer.

“George Washington,” the woman answered.

“Are you sure?” Dice asked.

With that, she grew uncertain.

“No. I don’t really care,” she said.

One surfer answered, “I’m going to have go with … I don’t know.”

Finally, one man answered the question correctly, and drew praise from Dice.

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“You’re going to have to talk to the Millennials,” Dice said, laughing.

One of the more amazing exchanges took place when Dice encountered a man wearing an “I love DC” T-shirt. He did not know the answer, either.

“I don’t know. Man, I just woke up.”

When Dice asked him what his shirt stood for, the man looked down and said, “I love Washington, D.C.”

“Who was that city named after?” Dice asked.

“Washington,” the man answered, “The president, Washington.”

“What was his first name?” Dice asked.

“I’m having a blank right now,” the man said. “It’s not coming to me right now.”

One woman actually answered, “Lincoln.”

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