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Essential Survival Secrets Beyond The Obvious

Essential Survival Secrets Beyond The Obvious

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Just buying and stockpiling food and gear is not enough to ensure that you’ll survive during a natural or man-made disaster.

In fact, the greatest threat for the regular Joe Survivalist is not represented by economic collapse of predator drones, but his own hutzpah, i.e. an overblown ego.

Too much confidence can kill you faster than a smart bomb, and this article is aimed at showing you there’s more to learn and there’s room for improvement, so you won’t be defeated before your journey has begun.

Let’s look at a short list of what we’ll call forgotten survival secrets.

Things You May Have Forgotten

I’ve heard a lot of so-called survivalists acting and talking tough, claiming they’d rather drop dead than leave their property. That’s plain stupid and there’s no harm in having a Plan B if you’re a true survivalist. I admit, sometimes you must stand your ground and defend your property and your family if necessary, but an exacerbated sense of pride and lack of tactical thinking will definitely put an end to your life prematurely. Therefore, always have a bug-out/secondary retreat location.

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In such a scenario, your health and physical fitness will make all the difference between life and death. I mean, if you can’t run 200 yards without having a heart attack, you may be in trouble. Even if you’re an old homesteader/survivalist, there’s no excuse for not taking care of your body. The solution is very simple and obvious: Eat healthy, eat less and exercise, even moderately, on a daily basis.

Another open-secret which is actually an acute and obvious inadequacy in the survivalist movement is community building and organization.  There’s no point in playing lone-wolf ad nauseam. After all, there’s a lesson to be learned from history: United we stand, divided we fall. Basically, it’s almost impossible for any single person, prepper or not, to cover the wide spectrum of supplies and skill sets required to endure a long-term economic collapse or a natural disaster.

The most common logical fallacy is the argument that bigger communities are bigger targets. But, in a disaster scenario, everyone is a potential target; when it comes to societal chaos, having friends and neighbors you can count on in case of an emergency will definitely increase your chances of survival.

Essential Survival Secrets Beyond The ObviousSome of the biggest “guns” in any respectable survivalist’s paraphernalia are barter markets and trade skills. In a society collapse scenario, the private trade networks (the barter markets) will become the new normal; just look at what happened in Greece in times of huge financial instabilities. You must learn how to trade for acquiring essential supplies in dire times; if you fail to learn these things, you’ll find yourself in a world of hurt.

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Let’s close by looking at a few items, in addition to food and water, that you should consider purchasing:

1. High-quality and durable survival clothing. Even if this may put a dent in your wallet, just bite the bullet and try to buy the best survival clothes you can find, and in multiples. These clothes will have to last (and protect you from the elements) for long periods of time in a crisis scenario, so choose wisely.

2. Solar panels/solar generator. It’s shocking how many survivalists overlook this aspect, i.e., owning a readily available and free source of energy. Being capable of powering your vital appliances during a disaster scenario will dramatically increase your chances of survival.

3. Geiger counters and chemical warfare strips. These are to prepare yourself and your community for potential radiological/biological disasters.

4. A greenhouse. You can use it almost anywhere and in any climate, and it will help you grow food year-round.

5. Raw materials for the home. For example, nails, lumber, steel, iron, sealants and bags of concrete; you never know when you’ll have to maintain your homestead.

The ultimate secret for becoming an accomplished survivalist is to act as an independent thinker, a free man on the land, making your own decisions and not expecting a helping hand from the government.

What would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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