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UFO Sightings In U.S. Most Likely To Appear Off-The-Grid

ufo sightings

UFO sightings occur in Wyoming more than any other state.

UFO sightings in some states almost never happen. Florida, for example, is the state least likely to be a beachhead for an alien invasion. In fact, the odds of seeing a UFO in the Sunshine State are the lowest in the nation. Wyoming is apparently the most popular destination for extraterrestrial visitors. Your odds of spotting an unidentified flying object are highest in the Cowboy State. calculated Americans’ odds of spotting a UFO and found they were lowest in Florida at 348,500. The odds of having a close encounter were highest in Wyoming at 205,000. People have reported 6,020 UFO sightings in Florida and 2,854 sightings in Wyoming.

The odds of seeing a UFO in Wyoming are higher because the population is low in the Cowboy State. Florida’s population was 20.98 million in 2017, while only 579,315 people lived in Wyoming. Another reason for the discrepancy is that there is less light pollution in Wyoming, so people have a clearer view of the sky.

Were There More UFOs In The 1940s And 1950s?

The rate of UFO sightings was highest during the Cold War years of the 1950s and lowest during the 1980s, as calculated. UFO sightings increased slightly around the year 2000, but have dropped again in recent times. The reason for this is that World War II and the Pearl Harbor attack were fresh in the public memory during the 1950s. So, people were watching the skies for nasty surprises. September 11 produced a similar effect around the turn of the 21st Century.

Many Americans have serious doubts about the intentions of visitors from other worlds. Over 40,000 people have taken out alien-abduction insurance in the United States. If you want to see a UFO, recommends going outside during spring and summer. This is because more objects are reported in the sky during those seasons.

Another great way to see UFOs is to visit London. The Sun reported that the British capital has three times the UFO sightings of any other community in the United Kingdom. There have been 336 UFO sightings in London since 2001, but only 79 in Britain’s second largest city: Birmingham. British TV shows like Doctor Who that portray London as a popular landing ground for alien invasions might be closer to reality than is commonly believed.

US Has Had 139,876 UFO Sightings In The 21st Century

The United Kingdom has the third highest rate of UFO sighting reports among the world’s nations, with 5,234 since 2001, as The Sun disclosed. The US is the leader in UFO sightings with 139,876 reported since 2001. India, the world’s second most populous country, reported only 574 UFO sightings during that period. Patriots should take note that the United States is the most popular destination for immigrants from around the world and visitors from all over the galaxy. One has to wonder if the government is doing anything to attract alien tourists.

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