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BREAKING: Police Seize 10 Children From Homeschool Family Because They’re Off-Grid

Police Seize 10 Children From Off-Grid Family Because They’re Homeschooled

The Naugler family. The mom is not in the photo because she was taking the picture. Her picture is below. Image source:

To read an update on this story, click here,  here and here

An off-grid homeschool family of 12 in rural Kentucky was raided, the mother arrested, and the 10 children seized simply because the government disagrees with their lifestyle and their educational choices, family members and friends say.

Until Wednesday, Joe and Nicole Naugler lived with their 10 kids in a cabin on 26 acres in Breckinridge County, about an hour southwest of Louisville.

“They are an extremely happy family,” family friend Pace Ellsworth told Off The Grid News.

Police Seize 10 Children From Off-Grid Family Because They’re Homeschooled

Nicole Naugler.

Acting on an anonymous tip about the family’s off-grid lifestyle, sheriff’s officers entered the property and home Wednesday, and even blocked the access road to the family property, the family says. Joe and eight of the children were away, but Nicole – who is five-months pregnant – was home with the two oldest kids. Sheriff deputies then seemingly allowed Nicole and the two children to drive away but they got only a short distance before deputies pulled them over and took the two children away from the mom, who was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. (She says the arrest took place after she did not passively allow deputies to take the children.) Nicole was able to contact her husband and have a brief conversation.

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Later, the sheriff ordered Joe to turn over the other children by 10 a.m. or be arrested for felony charges, the family says. He complied.

Deputies also threatened to impound the car, although a friend of the family convinced the deputies to allow Joe to have it back, the family says.

Police Seize 10 Children From Off-Grid Family Because They’re Homeschooled

The Naugler boys on a recent hike.

The family may be off grid, but they aren’t anonymous. In fact, they have Internet, as well as a Facebook page dating back to 2012 where they frequently post pictures and videos of their children, animals and their off-grid life. A May 5 post showed a video of a toddler, Mosiah, learning to walk. An April 24 post showed a happy family, gathering around a campfire, roasting marshmallows.

They also post pictures alluding to their faith. Their Facebook page — which has nearly 2,000 likes — is called “My Blessed Little Homestead.”

Ellsworth believes the arrests took place because of their simple way of life that some would call backwards — and because of the way they homeschool. The family’s Facebook page calls it a “back to basics life.” They have a garden and raise chickens and goats. Deputies apparently were concerned about whether the children’s needs were being met. WAVE-TV in Louisville, Ky., quoted one neighbor who was critical of their off-grid life. Another neighbor apparently had a confrontation with the father on Sunday that was reported to police, the station said.

In an official form the family posted online, Kentucky’s version of Child Protective Services said the children were “not living in appropriate conditions” and not “enrolled in school.” Another official form even complained there was no fence around the pond.

In unschooling, there is no set curriculum and the education is based on each child’s strength.

“You let your kids decide the curriculum,” Ellsworth told Off The Grid News. “In unschooling, education doesn’t take a backseat. It’s listening to what they’re interested in and fascinated in.”

Police Seize 10 Children From Off-Grid Family Because They’re Homeschooled

The Naugler family at a recent campfire.

It’s the way all children learned before the public education movement, he said.

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“This is the natural way to live,” he said. “It’s actually a growing movement. They want to have a personal education and not a factory education.”

Ellsworth called it “whole-life homeschooling.”

“They are completely open about their life,” he said. “Everyone is learning by living. They are all extremely intelligent.”

The family will have huge legal bills, and friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign here. More information about the family can be read here and here.

“They are industrious people trying to teach their children how to live right,” the GoFundMe website said. “Through no fault of their own, they will now be faced with significant legal expenses.”

To read an update on this story, click here

Note: As you share the Naugler’s story on social media, please use hashtags #kentucky10 and #saveourfamily to continue building support.

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  1. I know the family from Facebook and have become close with Nicole over the last few years. What is happening to this family is devastating to them as a family and what is happening in our country is devastating to the individual families who want the freedom to live in a way that makes them happy.

    • Are they members of HSLDA!! You or they need to get in contact with them NOW!!

      • Mariya Dolgopolova

        They need to publicize this and prosecute that sheriff until he and his department are no longer employed. If people let this be it will happen more and more. Time to make some noise.

        • Carrie Fairchild

          I agree 100% this is a disgrace what they did to that poor family! Look at the world now no in my opinion it is not better than way things use to be it is much worse!

          • Listen to the recording of arrest. This case has nothing to do with homeschooling. This family has not had running water at their 384 square foot box in the 2 years they’ve lived there. They haul water in. The people who allow them access to a water source decided they were uncomfortable with it, and asked them to stop trespassing. Joe got in an argument with the land owner and told his kids to get a gun. They sound like nutjobs.

          • Lenore- I would really like to hear that. where did you find it? do you have a link you could share?

          • Just because in our American society we have all the modern conveniences does it is child abuse if we don’t want to use them all. Guess Daniel Boone’s wife should have been arrested. If they are safe and healthy who are we to tell them how to live.

          • Lots of people don’t have running water. People in Detroit don’t have running water because they don’t pay their water bills, but I don’t see them getting arrested and having their children taken as a result. Some of my relatives haven’t had running water for years because their wells ran dry due to the drought. They haul water for washing and cooking. They aren’t breaking any laws. For that matter, mot of the world’s population probably has to haul water.

            If there’s a dispute with the neighbors, that should be properly handled–not by dragging the kids into it.


        • Uur an adult. U can CHOOSE to live this way. Those kids have no CHOICE.

          • And they are these children’s parents who have the right to raise them as they wish they are not being homes and it’s no ones business!!!

          • Just as children how are indoctrinated into what society tells us is “normal” have no choice. We are unconsciously raising an army of drones for the 1%.

          • Vicki, do you smoke crack? No child “chooses” to live any way that they are raised! No child chooses to be raised in the suburbs, in the city, in the country, in a large home, in a small home, to be government educated, to be home schooled, etc. A child is born into a family, and that family raises that child. Do you let a toddler “choose” to play with knives? Of course the children don’t have a choice. No child does… it’s up to the parents to choose! And parents should have that freedom… NOT the government to choose for them!!!

          • Those kids probably know more than you did at their age. On top of regular education (the 3 r’s) they also know how to grow and raise their own food, and use tools to make items they need and how to make meals from scratch. As far as them not choosing that life, the kids at your local elementary school, playing video games and drooling over Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber also did not “choose” to live that way. It was forced on them by their parents and the media. What would you rather for your kids? I know what I’d prefer my kids to be learning and doing.

          • go to hell as quickly as you can vicki

          • Children have no choice on who their parents are. Their parents could be gay, a slut, a wife beater, dope seller, or a drug addict…but that’s okay with you isn’t it? However, according to you, it’s not okay for a parent, who are none of the above, to choose how their children are educated. Education doesn’t happen only in a classroom setting. Try educating yourself before you make an uneducated comment.

          • Vicki, that is the dumbest statement so far. No child has a choice in how they are raised, including those that go to Goverment re-education camps. What matters is that they are loved and treated respectfully, as is clearly the case with this family.

          • As parenfs we have a responsiblity to raise and educate our children as we want. These children are being taught. It is not your choice but the parents.

          • You are absolutely right!! As an adult, and parent, you are responsible for raising your children. It is not the government’s responsibility. The public school system is “dumbing down” our society into being non thinkers. People who are not educated on history because the teaching is skewed in the public schools. The only problem here is that the government is unable to indoctrinate 10 children, nor are they able to get taxpayer dollars to “educate” them.

          • Although I have been cynical of “homeschooling” in the past with my nieces choice to “homeschool”. I will have to say after pursuing those who grow and sell local food in the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredible young people. These kids have been home schooled, and many run their own profitable enterprises from video production (this young man is 18 and making 6 figures to edit and produce christian video’s), his brothers are playing and singing with a well known performer, a young lady who has started her own rare breed goat business. I never before have met such well adjusted happy teenagers. I’m sold, and if I had the chance to do it all again…I would definitely “homeschool” my kids.

          • Ummm and your kids do??? They chose to be in public school? wear the clothes you buy? eat the food you cook?? Its NO difference then any other child!!! until they are 18 the parents decide! NOT the child. what a stupid comment to make!

          • To those who think this is wrong. if so then your great great grandparents raised your mom and dad wrong??? Should your mom or dad had been better off taken and placed into foster care?? Our country was founded by living this way and great people came from it. Learning to be self sufficient is NOT wrong. Being dependent on society is sad. As long as these kids are healthy clean happy and being educated I see nothing wrong with this. If this is wrong then what is camping??

          • Government re-education camps? Gay people being compared to wife beaters? I think your tinfoil hats have slipped.

          • If I was a child I would choose to live in Disney World……I wonder how that would work any suggestions? Obvious you think children should be able to “choose” how they live! I guess they should also choose what they eat too. Are you an executive for McDonalds or something?

        • Home school legal defense .phone 5403385600. Web.

        • Phil Ensminger

          Want to raise my kids? If you know it all do it all!

        • Phil Ensminger

          1. To save the planet they want us to use green energy etc. 2. Florida has a law that you can’t live off grid. 3. Stories like this appear – so what do we make of it? Just another gimmick to keep control over citizens. When all else fails, follow the money.

        • here is some information that will assist you & for the state Kentucky there is this as well …

        • Home Schooling Legal Defense Association

        • Homeschool Legal Defense Assoc. Last I checked, it was not illegal to unschool, have 10 kids, be a family, or live in a rual area… This really boils my bum!!!

          • I so agree with you Tracy, and hope they will get in contact with Legal Defense Assoc. We need to be praying for them for the Lord to cover them all with His protection as the authorities will try to brain wash the kids for sure. Dumbing down America is alive and well.

          • Tracy I don’t know about the laws everywhere but in our county in Oregon family size and homeschooling is not illegal however living off grid is somewhat, here you must have running water, electric services and sewer system or you may not live on your own property more than 90 days a year. I’am a homeschooling parent and truly feel for this family this in fact was the life style my husband and I wanted however after repeated complaints we were forced to move closer to town do to the cost associated with all the fines and so called “permits” it ended up so bad that we were told by the county we had to get a permit for the dog house our 2 goats used. I believe if you choose a “nonconforming” lifestyle the government whether local of Federal will find a way to brake you emotionally as well as financially. I hope this family can over come and stay strong.

        • It’s Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They can sign up even after the fact (I think) and get help getting representation. It’s an organization that fights for homeschooling rights and their families. They are very effective!
          A yearly or lifetime fee to join. It is worth it.

          • To have HSLDA represent you in court you must be a member before you encounter trouble. After, I believe they will recommend resources. Membership is about $120 per year and in my opinion is a good investment for every home educating family.

        • HSLDA- Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

        • HSLDA is Home School Legal Defense Fund. They may be reached at (540) 338-5600 and Generally they only handle cases for members, but in this case they might make an exception. Let’s hope so. Either way I went to their GoFundMe page and donated.

          BTW, a Search warrant is REQUIRED for an investigatory home visit. (Calabretta v Floyd) Calabretta is persuasive authority in all states.

        • HSLDA is Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

        • Robert Gabriel

          HSLDA stands for Homeschool Legal Defense Association, a homescool advocacy organization. Here’s their website:

      • Call home school legal defense. Absolute good advice. This is an invasion of their privacy and constitutional right

      • Govt is growing…our rights are diminishing. Very sad, this family needs to go through this.

      • Michelle anderson

        hslda wont do a thing once the state is involved. you have to be a member before that happens. they wont help anyone who has been targeted and hasnt paid up for their membership first.

        • So this is “insurance”. Like most insurances they are after the money and hope there is no claims. If they were genuinely concerned they would be willing to defend ALL cases at a reasonable fee. It’s a damn shame the government doesn’t stay out of an individual’s business. I would like to know more about the alleged gun incident over water. I am concerned there was no previous welfare checks.

          • No it’s not even insurance. It is a homeschooling organization with a very narrowly defined social and political focus. They do NOT neccesarily provide legal services to members, although they may when the case is aligned with their goals. Unschoolers rarely meet their criterion. They do lobby for legislative measures and have a knack of somehow making legislation LESS friendly to homeschoolers as a whole when they get involved.

            Does anyone know if this family was homeschooling LEGALLY under their state regs, or was their homeschooling off the grid as well?

      • HSLDA is the Home School Legal Defense Assn. They may be able to access free or inexpensive legal aid.

    • I don’t get why only certain people are being targeted. We have 19 kids and counting (The Duggar’s) the other new series just premiered this week after the Duggar’s called The Willis Family that’s Gumtree schooled 12 children and are also in the music-show biz! Why and what is the difference and the problem with people that want to hurt others for doing good with thier families? This totally confuses me and I also have payed in my page about us taking back the USA and his to have our freedom again.i hope what in doing hellos them and others as well. Thank you for teasing and my god keep us in his embracing grace! Hope I don’t upset anyone. This is just what I think feel and is my opinion. Ty again.

      • WHAT! I’m sorry but the last half of your statement seemed awfully confusing.

      • That is exactly what I said, Brook M, what is the difference between these people and the Duggars… ?? This is the most ridiculous thing YET!!! God help these nut cases that first of all call because their own perception, and, people who listen to them before actually checking things out… This looks like one happy family.. and now they are completely traumatised.. Disgusting!!!!

      • Dear Brook and Susan, Wouldn’t yah love to know whom the Anonymous person was? Think that would speak volumes.

        • Unfortunately you have to be anonymous when dealing with this family. They will attack you for your beliefs and apply justice on their own.

          Why don’t we ask them why the mother can seek care when she absolutely needs it…but when her sons finger gets cut off they sew it back on themselves.
          Why don’t we ask them why choking your wife out and domestic violence can be excused by teaching your children mma moves and first aid.
          Or the countless men that were told to control their wives by Joe.

          There is way more to this story. CPS has not been investigating this family for years for no reason. It is not because of homeschooling and anyone that jumps on that bandwagon does not truly know this family.

        • Yes Jane, I am sure it would.. totally agree!!!

    • did the cops have a court order/ warrants as required under the 4th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution in there hands to take the kids in the first place if not they just violated the 4th and 14th Amendments by no means let cps or the cops in to the house inless they have one in hand if they try and enter with with out it the faimly can fight back agenst cps and the cops with that alone and its how i keep cps and the cops from bother my faimly when they show up

      • “It’s how I keep cps and the cops from bother my family when they show up.” CPS doesn’t just randomly show up. Calls have to be made to cps or the cops before they come to your house. If you’re not doing anything wrong – if you’re treating your children well and obeying the law, why the need to keep people away from them?

        • You need to get a clue. We as free people do not have to let anyone in out homes and just because you are obeying the law is the reason to make them get the proper paper work to force their way into your home.

        • The “If You’re Not Doing Anything Wrong” statement. Oy vey. History much? I work represent clients being investigated by CPS. Anyone can make a report, and a cop is included under “anyone.” You would not believe how little it takes to separate a child from his parents. There are basically no standards. “Speculative harm” could be used against any of us.

          • Anyone who has a birth Certificate for their children has GIVEN govt ownership of that child. They do not inform you of that. If everyone would look into the subject, govt wouldn’t have a show I hell of keeping up the SHAM.

        • Dawn,

          The family in this article did nothing wrong, yet the police took their children.

          People can make a report over anything–true or false. They could do it for any number of reasons.

          Do not be naive…some government people are corrupt or on a power trip. It could happen to anyone.

        • Because if you let them in they have the right to take your children away to investigate your homeschooling methods and call family and friends before making a decesion. Even for a week traumatizes children. Not to mention violates our rights. And cps questions your children alone then twists everything around and tries to force their beliefs into your family and if you disagree they bring you to court to court order you to do it. Sorry they stick their nose in too much and do nothing for kids who really need help.

        • Unfortunately, in these kind of cases, the “if you’re not doing anything wrong, the authorities shouldn’t come knocking” argument doesn’t hold up. There are thousands of cases where some “concerned” neighbor or school administrator has called CPS, because they see a family living life differently and they assume the children are being deprived of some “mythical” social benefit of attending a mainstream school.

          Most of these cases have no evidence of abuse, parental negligence or deprivation of education, and after a couple years of trauma to the family, the children are returned to their parents. Meanwhile, cases of children being chained up in their homes appear on the news, and we find out that multiple calls had been made on that family and were never followed up on!

          So, that begs the question of how in the world to these people prioritize the number of cases that they are given!? You can blame an over-taxed system. OR you can blame a misguided witchhunt on people who choose something other than mainstream living and education. If CPS would go after situations where there is evidence of actual negligence and abuse, and leave people who are just living differently alone, they would have plenty of resources to help children who are really suffering.

          That county is spending thousands of dollars now to put 10 kids in foster care, hold the parents in prison, making case files, bringing the case to trial. They could have sent one or two CPA agents to meet the family and quickly have discovered whether anything was actually wrong or not. These dramatic spectacles are a waste of resources and case undo harm!

          • All because of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE REGISTRATION.

            Please everyone look into the subject, it affects most everyone.

      • Mark, unfortunately when it comes to the state of Ky. they really don’t care if they are violating the Amendment or not. Many of the law enforcement there think that they are above the law and will use bully and scare tactics on the citizens. I lived in KY and have experienced it first hand. It’s really sad because Ky. is a beautiful state with beautiful people.

        • We want to raise our grandchildren and are denied. There is several of us grandparents fighting the system now. People are allowing foster families to adopt then regular families. This is nothing new. They have been snatching babies out of the hospital. Attorney Connie Reguli fighting it in Tennessee and they are everywhere. Thank God she’s in the media being noticed. Now she will get her children back to keep her quiet. If you don’t have the money to fight you lose. May God have mercy on all of this.

        • Veronica Bankins

          It is not just KY

        • This is not necessarily unique to Kentucky. Our police in this country are out of control. It is instances such as this when they start taking our children away from us that may just be the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak. We need to take our country back in so many ways. They have taken away our God given rights as human beings and are constantly testing us to see just how far they can push us before we do something about it. We have all set back far too long and let this happen and now it has come to this point where our government that we have supposed to have elected are taking our children away from us for no good reason.

      • Veronica Bankins

        Your “theory” is spot on however, it really does not work that way I know from personal experience and unless you are well off, able to afford exuberant legal fees there is in essence nothing you can do but follow along until they release you,

      • No, they no longer need a search warrant supported by probable cause, by Oath or affirmation, these days any anonymous tip is practically the same thing.

    • Find and listen to the audio the mom posted, it had nothing to do with the type of schooling the kids were receiving. Everyone believes the first article they read on Facebook, everyone gets upset and gives money without knowing the real story. The sheriff was just doing his job, that the JUDGE ordered him to do. In the Audio the MOM posted, you can hear the sheriff state the incident is from where someone claimed the dad had the small child retrieve a handgun from the glove box while threatening another person. That is why she had refused to let the kids be interviewed by the social worker, that is why the kids were taken. Living off the grid does not mean you can endanger or abuse your children and have no consequences.

      • Are we still free?

        “Living off the grid does not mean you can endanger or abuse your children”

        Living in America used to mean innocent until proven guilty. There is little that can be much more abusive to children than kidnapping.

        But as you say, they were just following orders, so nothing to worry about right?

      • FINALLY someone gets it. There is more to this story, and the people putting all the publicity out there are making this family look like saints and not telling what the allegations are. But when she posted the audio, thinking it makes her look good, she is WRONG. She seems off the grid alright. And paranoid and combative.

        • for apologists of the state, “more to the story” is the default catchphrase, their oblation to the altar of normalcy and conformity. It is telling, because it generally betrays a great fear of the force of big G government coming down on them—hence the projection: there’s “more to the story” don’t you see? There must be. It’s where whisper-campaigns begin. It’s a handy catch-all for people who don’t understand or respect the 4th amendment, due process, and the criminal and forensic training of law enforcement that is FOUNDATIONAL to this country, and to ANY country that has even a halfhearted concern for freedom, security, and safety.

          This matter brings into relief the distinctions between CIVIL and CRIMINAL proceedings. Unfortunately, the waters have become murky where “social service” agencies are concerned. Even *IF* that particular alphabet agency has the force sanctioned by law to do some of those procedural actions that are invasive by nature, AND that is up for serious DEBATE by people much more scholarly than you or I, personally I would much rather they use their resources to tackle meth-addled or alcoholic violent or neglectful actions perpetrated upon children by addicted parents with their seizures and raids, wouldn’t you? In contrast: Seizing 10 children over a child supposedly touching a firearm under the direct supervision of his homestead-skilled parent??? Then that’s even more of a bogus “concern” than unschooling and outhouses.

          We’ve become an alarmist, coddled, and dopey society. Well, mainstream orthodox suburban America has, anyway.

          It is *not* a judge’s job to exaggerate or stretch the bounds of reason (or allow others to do so) in order to try to claim emergency or urgent circumstances.

          It is *not* a Sheriff’s job to be the handmaiden of a “protective services” agency comprised of non-advanced-degreed professionals masquerading as social workers.

          CP$ in Kentucky? Are you *kidding* me? Read up on some of their abuses. It is a group of agencies STEEPED in FRAUDULENT activity. They have about as much “protective” credibility for children as the Health and Wellness department of McDonalds Corp.

          We entrust our police departments with work that is of a sensitive and serious nature, so as involved citizens, we ought to empower and support them to bring their professional TRAINING to these matters, including forensic interviewing and a whole spectrum of practices that ensure the INTEGRITY of any INVESTIGATION, *especially* in the face of the “more to story” hearsay handwringing machine. If an individual has perpetrated a CRIME of HARM toward another human being as codified in the CRIMINAL statutes of that state (read: not a CIVIL or administrative infraction), then charge him or her with that CRIME, and get on with it! No CRIME, no deprivation. See how beautifully that works?

          But thank you all the same, as you have convinced me to donate to the Naugler family’s legal fund.

          The Sheriff here is WRONG, the agency in question here is WRONG, and the 1984ish anonymous tipster is WRONG. And God help our nation when thinking people feel otherwise.

      • Okay, let’s say the father did have his “small” child retrieve a weapon from the glove box. Let’s further say this was the reason this is all going down. Why wouldn’t the father be arrested? If he did something wrong he should have been arrested, not the kids. This is an absolute abuse of power by the “authorities”. Please do not be so blind and believe that all of these children are better off being raised in the system.
        Assuming that the incident with the father threatening someone actually occurred, ask yourself – Have you ever done anything when upset that could have gotten you in trouble? If so, how would you react if that was used as an excuse to take your children? This is a very dangerous place. Ever read about the Gestapo? The deputies must have forgotten their oath to defend the constitution.

      • I did listen to the audio recording, perhaps you should listen better. The officer said that the father told “one of the children” to get the gun. How do you know it was a small child? Do you have access to the original complaint file

        Also there was no mention of a threat being made verbally, but you may be thinking that the act of asking for the gun is itself a threat, which it kind of is, so I will give you that one.

        But my favorite is the part where the officer attempts to justify why he is able to come investigate. “What if I get a call from a woman who’s screaming and hollering ‘I just walked in and my husband is beating my child…'”. Well he didn’t get a call like that. A call like that would imply an immediate threat to the child, which was not the case with the Joe call. If there is no immediate threat, then take the time to go through the proper channels, get a warrant and all that.

        And then there was the fact that the mother gave the children (which were her two OLDEST) the opportunity to talk to the officer and they both refused.

        • The audio makes it seem as if the children are given the agency to talk; however, these children have been indoctrinated against the government and talking to anyone since the day they were born. These children are not free to think for themselves, they are are taught to think and behave exactly how their patents expect them to behave.

          • WiskeyTangoFoxtrot

            And you know this how exactly? To some degree all parents “indoctrinate” their kids I suppose, but the level you seem to be implying is basically brainwashing. It is your opinion that the children cannot think for themselves and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there is no reason why anybody should take your opinion as fact either.

      • Where did u. Hear the audio

      • There are many abused children in our country, from all I have read about this family these children are not among them. Regardless of the kind of schooling these children are receiving from their parent, our government has not legal right to take them away from their parent because of that. Our government has overstepped their right is far too many ways. And possibly one day you will open your eyes too before we have no more rights than the slaves had before the revolutionary war.

    • I am sadden to see the sorry state of governments and police that try to regulate families from living a natural way of life. all my prays goes out to your family and may you all be safe and the children returned to you all.

    • I read that this happen in Jan? Is that true if so have they gotten there kids back? Do they get to at least see there kids? My heart breaks for this family.

      • No, I think it was Wednesday when the two older kids were taken from the mother. The father had to turn over the other eight yesterday morning and there was a hearing yesterday afternoon. This is happening the next county over from where I live.

    • Please look me up on Facebook. Under Rachael Davis. The local [][][]%ers should be working with this family to sue the balls off the firm who impeded on their rights! I am willing to help in any way I may! Please email me through that. My profile is of me being pregnant and I change it quite regular! God bless…..

    • This is not Russia we are free since when did it become a crime to love off the grid how do they think America got started.

    • But if they have a gay family or from the religion of peace are well protected? Liberalism is a mental disorder, this is unbelievable how a family will get separated just because they want to provide a better ambient and education for their kids. I pray for your family and I hope someone from the government will see this and act.

    • Let’s face it folks, most of the people who settled this country lived off the grid. They grew their food, raised animals or hunted for their meat. They lived in tiny cabins. There were no schools to attend, most of them were home schooled. Have you seen the cabin Abe Lincoln was born in?? And I can assure you that he had to tote water! And these kids at least have access to the “outside world” via the internet. They need to leave them alone and concentrate on inner city kids who are latchkey kids, with adults seldom around, and whose parents are seldom married to each other. They’re the unfortunate kids who eally need help! Unless they can prove some abuse or neglect, this family needs to be left alone!

    • I think the family is completely with in thier rights to live as they wish !!! There are even T. V. Shows about families that are doing the same thing !!! Turn them lose, @fire that dam sheriff !!!

  2. How could they!!! I have met this family once and followed them since the beginning. They are wonderful people and Parents. The kids are happy, fed, care for. You can’t get a person that is really abusing there kids? So you go and take an innocent family and rip them apart? My heart bleeds for all those babies and mom and dad. Mom acted out?? What would you do? No right to arrest her… praying for your family. May God bless

    • So the government will leave children in homes with drugged out parents and then act all surprised when said parent kills their child for being a child,but then takes healthy happy.children from a stable family? This is so f’d up seriously this is when we all call this county and take a stand. How much you want to bet they.let drunks and dopers have but is going back to.basics it just to weird.for.them. RIDICULOUS

      • Yes. We know several parents, alcoholics. Drive drunk with the kids in the car. Call CPS, nothing happens. You wanna home school your kid, name them Amos, and believe in Jesus though and they will kidnap them quick.

      • Jean Benson Thompson

        I agree What was the Basis that these Children were removed from the Home.. its just not right.. When do they go to Court? American Civil Liberties Union should be contacted too. Plus their State Senators and Reps… Wow What do gooders won’t do to disrupt Decent Folks Lives…

  3. So there’s a give a little page great. I feel for this family. But it’s no different actually no where as bad as the forced lotg existence the First Nations people are forced to live under without the opportunity these people had to farm etc! The amount if children stolen off them and put in care , gone forever is disgusting!! This happens in Indian reservations continuously for the same reason this families children were stolen! Nothing!!!

    • One bad does not negate another and anybody can start a go fund me acct. I truly feel for the tragedies caused to the native people of this country. However, that does not mean that this case does not have a right to ask for assistance. Go set up a go fund me acct for ur own cause if u want. You may be surprised at the generosity of people.

      • William Warden

        Generosity of people, right! The people in this country would rather give to people over seas than to give and help those in need in their on country. We have a go fund me account for a Lady with medical and financial needs, it’s been viewed over 600 times with very little response. The way I see it, charity starts at home, not elsewhere. But people would rather give to Nepal then help those in need here! Such a shame.

        • Seriously? It’s none of your business what other people do with their money. If someone wants to help those in need, they have the right to, regardless of where the people they are helping live. We as a species may have divided this Earth into countries, but we are still all together on this planet and we are all human and deserving of help, no matter what country we happened to be born in!!!!

      • HSLDA is an organization for helping homeschool families with legal issues. THEY need to be called. I am wondering WHY the mom and 2 children were “allowed” to drive off then get stopped????? this was planned and set up. Court in MD just upheld the right for parents to “free range” their kids if I am not mistaken.

    • Your comment sounds like a drunken rambling.

    • “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.
      Allowing bitterness to harden one’s heart against another’s similar plight only serves to help those in power continue to violate our rights. You do not help or honor those suffering in First Nations by belittling this family with condescension.
      For true justice, for ALL, you need to work together.

    • Continuously??? Really?? And your sentence makes little sense.

      This happens in Indian reservations continuously for the same reason this families children were stolen! Nothing!!!

  4. CPS destroys everything it touches…Good luck!

    • Out here in Breckinridge Co. It really does.. Horrible cps system

      • I own land in Breckinridge County and have debated leaving Louisville and moving there. We are also parents to 10 children and I will assure you there is no way I will ever move there. I am even rethinking weekend camping trips 🙁

  5. This is a friend of my brother. They are good people. When I think of all the children who are actually being abused and not helped while the state harassed this family, it makes me angry.

  6. If only I had the money to pay the legal fees. Then she the police dept. We as a country are losing more and more of our freedom. The very thing our forefathers fought so hard for.

  7. Leave these people alone! Trusting the kids can read and write and perform basic math. Obama is introducing ‘core curriculum’ mandatory even for home schooled children- I agree more schools look like prisons and teach prison like conformity vs places to cultivate the mind and grow independent free thinkers! Oh wait- independent free thinkers are a threat to current public policy. Every child in the system is on an average of 5 pills a day! Get outta my house Gov! And get outta thiers too!

    • Every kid is on an average of five pills a day? Yikes! That’s awful!

      And completely ridiculously to suggest. Do you have any, ya know, FACTS to support that absurd statement?

      Btw, Obama is not forcing Common Core or “core curriculum” on anyone. Your education must have been lacking. Do you know who legislates in the U.S.? Do you? I’m not giving you the answer.

    • What system are you referring to? The public school system? My three children have attended public school since kindergarten and are non-medicated, smart, happy, Jesus loving kids. While I applaud anyone who is able to homeschool, this does not mean those of us who can’t are wrong. The public schools in our area are not like prisons, nor do they discourage “free thinking”. I’m proud of the education my children are recieving. Is it perfect, no, but with continued parental involvement, I’m making it the best it can be.

      I hate what has happened to this family. I hate that someone who lives differently is often times targeted by those who simply don’t understand. But to throw all of us public school families into the same medicated boat, is not right either. I know children that are medicated, and I know children that, in my opinion, need to be medicated, but I would never deem it my place to criticize their choices for their children. Medication does work for some children and is often times the only way to keep the child from harming themselves and others. As a former school nurse, I’ve seen it work. I’ve also seen it fail and turn once lively children into zombies. But what it ultimately comes down to is the parents right to raise their children how they see fit- medicated or not, public school or not. I may not be able to control every aspect of my children’s public school education, but this doesn’t diminish my ability to raise my children correctly.

  8. Seems to me these children have it all. A loving family, room to play and explore, fresh, healthy food to eat. They’re learning to be free thinkers. Homeschooling can be done many different ways. Doesn’t there have to be a thorough investigation before children are just taken away from their parents? No law enforcement agency can on someone else’s word do something like this legally.

    • There is suppose to be an investigation an interview by.cps etc before child removal

      • How could there have been an interview when they refused to allow them to talk with the children? ANd no, there does not always need to be an interview. If there is concern that the children are in danger of immediate harm they will be removed. I am having difficulties finding any material saying what the allegations are but in the one audio clip there is mention of guns so I’m guessing that has something to do with it. no I do not believe that owning a gun is a problem, especially on a farm, but if someone says they threatened their kids with a gun that has to be taken seriously. My guess would be that when he allowed her to drive off the order was not yet in place to remove the children from custody and he got notice shortly after she left then chased her down. Since it’s an audio clip I have no idea what she’s doing, however I think the officers an asshat for deciding to arrest her for disorderly conduct AFTER she had calmed down. At least it sounded like she had calmed down.

    • no free thinking in this country ,just do what the government says, a revolution is coming soon, time for the idiots in congress and senate to get off their asses and work for what they get paid for ,not to rip off the people and tear apart their families as they have done, and since this is a country that promotes WAR more than peoples rights , YOU JUST SHOULD SHUT THE F UP.

    • Law and cps are wayy out of control. And they get away with this all the time and have been for many years. We just hear about it more because we have internet and public sites like these now.

  9. Seems to me their fatal mistake may have been being open about their lifestyle. In a perfect world, they would be able to be, but sadly we live in a world where you are punished for your nonconformity.

    • I told her she shouldn’t advertise. I told her CPS would come. They have a beautiful family. I knew because I was a foster kid. If you wanna live like this you can NOT tell anyone or lose your children.

    • They didn’t make any “fatal mistakes”. That implies blame…. there is no blame here.
      Yes, many find wisdom in keeping their life under the radar of Corporate America… others feel the call to educate. Neither is right or wrong.
      Peace and blessings to all.

    • You are correct silver fang. Dont tell no one about your business anymore in todays society. They are teaching americans to be paranoid and against everyone. If U see something say something. Thats all a bunch of bull. It really means tell on everyone who gos against the plan to force everyone into doing the same as they want you to do. Get up, go to work, pay high taxes, pay a mortgage, go home, go to bed, get back up and do it all over again. Everyday for the rest of your life, Until you die. Dont color outside the lines, dont think for yourself, dont think outside the box or you will be ripped apart by the law and cps or irs. Dont do anything that pisses them off or you will lose.

  10. Cynthia Hobson

    I am devastated that the authorities think they have a right to do this to an apparently well adjusted family. They all seem happy and healthy and are just living life the way they want and really the way we were intended before society came along a ruined it for us! I hope they get their children back quickly and I hope the people who took them are severely reprimanded for this! Blessed Be Naugler Family!

  11. The Hall family in Arkansas and now this. These are the most frightening of times.

  12. Someone needs to get these fine folks some probono legal help, and sue the pants off CPS and the Sheriff’s Department for a laundry list of complaints.

    Good luck to the family!

  13. Sharon Greenlaw

    The method of schooling is called Socrates it is learner based interests. If the kid is interested in animals they count animals, write about animals, find anti-animal debates and learns animal habitats around the world. Its called math, english and debate/research, and geography. for any tutoring help, from K to 4th year university. This is not about schooling, or abuse this about someone being jealous or nosy or very anti constitutional and uneducated the complainants probably didn’t get taught much about their constitution in the public school system. Where is the web page where we can donate for the lawyer?

  14. Mrs. Y Randall

    This is sad. Their freedom taken from them. Praying for you all.

  15. This is my brother, his wife and my nieces and nephews. I can tell you that my brother and his wife love their children dearly. Their children are their lives. If I had the ability to live off the grid they way they do you can bet I would. I homeschooled my youngest for most of her school years. I wish I was able to have unschooled her the way my brother and his wife have been able to do.
    This is a total miscarriage of justice.

    • I am so sorry this is happening to your family!! I so admire their way of living and would love to be able to live this way!! The government is taking away from the good people and ignoring the evil things going on in this country. This family is in our prayers!!

    • It’s not ridiculous. They don’t want people around who are not part of the herd. They are hard to control. And given that it’s a popular movement to leave it all behind, and the governments are trying to move in the opposite direction of knowing everyone’s every step…you can see the conflict here. They are now getting their feet wet. This is the time to do something before they get too comfortable taking people out.

    • I am so sorry for what has happened to your family. I do not believe that the children are in a better place in the care of the state. This seems to be happening more and more to larger families. I pray they will be returned soon.

    • I will be donating to their cause.

    • Have the kids been reunited with your brother and his wife? Are they parents still in jail? Where are the kids? Are they together? The article doesn’t give much info and my heart just breaks for them.
      I’ll be praying for them!

    • Get them to sign up with they can’t get away with this and that group is for homeschooling families to protect them.

    • Some people think unschooled or homeschooled means uneducated. Most homeschooled people I know have better, more well rounded educations than most people. They have more than a book knowledge of real life. Parents still have the right to educate their children they way they want to.

    • How are the kids doing? Does this look like it will end anytime soon? I hate this for your family.I pray they will get there kids back soon.Is there any family that can step in and help get the kids till this is over? I hate seeing kids in foster care.I was a casa and I see what foster care does to kids and it is horrible!!

  16. I can’t understand this unless there is more to the story. We have a family of 7 or 8 kids down the street from us who are homeschooled and no one has said anything about it. However, my grandniece went to a “off grid” Christian school and now is having problems in public school because she is behind. Also had a relative involved with her church heavily and homeschooled her kids – guess what the father was molesting both of them and was trying to kill her. So more to this story or what?

    • Or may be you’re next.

    • People always think there is “more to the story” when it comes to CPS. The “more to the story” part is that CPS receives millions of dollars each year in government funding to adopt out children. There was just a local news story somewhere in Kentucky this month about it, so google it for yourself and see what is going on. Thousands of children are homeschooled each year all over the country and they are not behind. Studies have actually proven that homeschool children test significantly higher on achievement and college tests than public school kids, and they also integrate into college better as well. Just because people homeschool doesn’t make them child molesters. Good grief is that an offensive statement. If you paid attention to the story, you’d see that an anonymous person called CPS. This happens every day in America where some angry neighbor or school teacher who thinks homeschooling is wrong places an anonymous call and ruins a family forever. Once CPS gets involved, they steal children, collect government money, sever parental rights, adopt the kids out, and collect another boatload of money. A simple google search of people suing CPS will show you multitudes of stories just like this.

      • my daughter died because of these CPS assholes . amazing the laws we have in a terrorist country right OBWANA BANANA I hope karma does come his way and as an article states the poo boy is sick. he’s already of unsound mind and skinny little legs and body and mind, hoo raa for karma it finally taking one of it’ s own . and as for this sheriff well not to be dooms day pagan but what you sow you shall reap. and karma should come and kick your rebel ass. white – black – brown- yankee – rebel – karma will tear your sorry ass for picking on a defensiveless family . may a couple of ton of bad karma shit fall on your dumbass and those that follow you

    • More to the story? Each one of those children is worth 10k if they get adopted. 10k from federal dollars. They bust up fewer families by targeting large families and get a bigger payout. That’s the story!

    • Mcnold, your he-said-she-said story is completely irrelevant. You cannot generalize these statements to the homeschooling community at large.

    • There doesn’t have to be more to this story. Not every case of UN-schooling or homeschooling has a closet full of skeletons like molestation. Unfortunately in this county (Breckenridge) all though this sounds completely crazy , in this county they (law, cps, gov) seem to do as they please. This county will let drug addicts have chance after chance to mess up their children’s lives. Why because it keeps them in the system. The more in the system the more money for the county! Don’t automatically assume parents who make a choice to stand different from the crowd is up to no good. Too often enough the families that are ripped apart are the same families that should be together. Making the choice to stand out away from what the government sees as right is like putting a target on your back. The more you make your own Choices in this county, the more people you have knocking on your door. So sad that the people who claim to be child advocates are the ones who do irreparable damage to them. God Bless this family. Because God knows they are going need all the blessings and prayers to fight this!!

    • Plenty of kids in the public school system are functionally illiterate and have little understanding of basic science or math. Define “behind”. Behind as in the child isn’t performing well on school tests? Maybe the school is behind in learning how to test the child’s intelligence. Maybe not. Maybe the child has learning or developmental problems. Maybe the parents are incompetent educators. Is it my fault that someone else doesn’t do a good job of ensuring that their own child gets an education? Of course not. Someone you know doesn’t ensure that their child is educated, so homeschooling is bad? That’s bad logic. Probably the result of a public school education.

    • They beat their kids. They devote time on their Facebook page to defending it. CPS was right to get involved.

    • I have a friend in Kentucky that was arrested for homeschooling her 9 yr old (truancy). They fought it and the courts ordered their daughter to be tested to see what level she was at. They eventually threw it out of court when the 9 yr old tested at a 9th grade level.

  17. I would like to know if they kept all these children together or are they distributed in different foster homes. It was already traumatic to be taken from their parents but then to be put in home without their brothers and sisters for support is just awful.
    I pray this gets settled soon for the childrens sake. The parents have to be almost ill with worry for their children.
    Everyone who home schools should be very aware of this and get on this band wagon to get these children back to their parents or they may find themselves losing their own children soon.
    With all the abused children out there this is what has focus? Everyone who knows these people say they are wonderful parents. So who has a vendetta against them to cause them such harm?

    • A friend of the family posted online yesterday that the children were taken to four different homes to spend the night.

  18. Be careful giving funds through Go Fund Me. They discriminate against Christian people. Use Samaritan Purse instead. They may be able to help too. We are all tired of not being able to get away from the government. We just want to enjoy life as natural as possible. So sad these folks are being targeted just to make everyone scared tp follow these people footsteps.

  19. There are legal defense organizations that help families like this get their kids back and let them homeschool. For just a few dollars this family needs to join the HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) immediately and they will be given rapid legal help.

  20. Just leave these people alone this world has alot of thing going on that the police need to worry about i bet you when the us every gets bomb these people will no how to live but tha other wont just leave them alone.

  21. Check the money trail, the land, the acreage must be worth something to some corporation. Mineral rights etc. Break the families bank and they will be forced into selling the land off to some criminal lurking in the shadows. It’s not a new plot. I hope they get noticed.

    • They don’t own the land. They are buying it contract for deed. The gofundme story says she faced the magistrate at 8am to have bail set. The magistrate does not set bail.

      • A magistrate can ABSOLUTELY set bail in Kentucky. It’s usually a lower amount, but they’re booked, and the magistrate sets the bail. It’s how it’s done.

  22. The very thought of having a team of officers descend on your property, remove your children, having a father HAVE to hand over his children to an agency that has run amuck is such a chillingly, scary thought. What has happened to this country and reason? One can not help but think that only bad things are waiting for those who do not follow the whims of government. It is unspeakable…really. How did this nation survive before the advent of public education? How…one can only look at history to know that the best of the best came before public education. It is appalling to even think about how this country, the best in the world has declined to this point. The only thing left is to rely on the Lord for he is the final arbiter of all things. I pray this family will be quadrupled in blessings as a result of this traumatic betrayal of their government. I can’t bear to say more….

  23. Folks need to wake up to the intrusion this power hungry government will be doing more and more. Once the idea of being a Christian comes into play the big bother becomes the Big dictator

    • Its not just christians. Its anyone who refuses to conform or follow like blind little sheep. I have a few pagan friends who also live off grid and homeschool. Both parents ate successful owners of internet shops and their fighting for their children. The csb agency is run by a christian organization and took one family’s children while the mother was in the hospital for preterm labor, as soon as the csb worker saw the family altar. Then threatened to put her in jail and adopt out her children. It angers me that christians believe they are the only group persecuted in this country.

  24. Was there an investigation before they took the kids? I thought that was that law. Investigate to determine if there is any violation then make a decision. Maybe it is about state funds? The more kids in care the more funds they can get. I have personally see this happen. I feel bad for the family, especially the younger children who do not understand what is going on. I agree with some of the other comments, there must be someone somewhere that can help with the legal expenses. This is an outrage. Someone should go after the law for unlawful something. I wish them the best of luck and will keep them in my prayers.

  25. Who gave the order to arrest them? That is the person to which people need to be angry with. Who made the decision to tear the family apart. What educational background does that person have to make that decision? Sounds like a sheriff needs to be voted out!

  26. This is so wrong. I feel so bad for this family. I detest CPS. I have for years. Nothing good comes from them. I detest our government as well. Families have a hard enough time trying to be a somewhat normal family these days so lets destroy this 1. This just tears my heart.

  27. Home School Legal Defense Association
    P.O. Box 3000
    Purcellville, VA 20134

    Phone: (540) 338-5600
    Fax: (540) 338-2733

  28. I’m sorry but things aren’t adding up here. Nowhere in the audio recordings does the officer mention honeschooling but that the family was investigated before so are we all being duped?

  29. They won and got the kids back!

  30. PARENTS have the unalienable right to direct the education of their own children!! Did someone write that the walking baby’s name was MOSIAH?? This beginning to get personal!

  31. Stop believing everything you read. This family, and their friends, are playing on your emotions about living similar lives to garner support when in reality the cops showed up because of weapons and threats, the mother arrested for threatening to kill police. This had nothing to do with homeschooling or anything else in here. They are trying to get unwavering support by scaring you into thinking you could be next.

    • Nanny, Not like it is in our authority to try or convict the family or the local sheriff’s department here, but these folks are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Cite your evidence or be quiet! Meanwhile it’s only fair for them to receive their legal defense!

    • Please provide your source and evidence of your claims.

    • It already happened in Arkansas to a family. Frankly, if someone was kidnapping MY CHILDREN, I think death threats are in order.

    • Where is your proof of weapons and threats, Nanny. That’s brilliant, telling people not to believe everything they read while in the same breath gossiping. Don’t make accusations and speculations without proof and your source. My niece and her husband are good people and excellent parents and I pray they are able to overcome this.

    • Wish I could post pictures but I can guarentee it’s more than just the “homeschool” issue. People shouldn’t be so gullible as to believe everything they see online. Maybe while the Off The Grid News Staff’s heart may be in the right place, best to do your research first.


    This kind of stuff has been happening in Kentucky for many many years. Take a look at this story. It came out today.

  33. Amanda Williams

    I absolutely support this family and what is happening to them is a crime. I am a homeschooler myself so I get it. I’m also wondering whether they perhaps made themselves a target by not complying with certain laws. I see the dad has an arrest warrant for driving an unregistered vehicle without insurance and for failing to appear in court. Yeah, stupid, I know. Not worthy of getting your kids removed but it’s a basic law that all citizens have to abide by. Did they submit their letters of intent with the Kentucky school board each year? It’s the only requirement to homeschool in the state of KY. Honestly, KY is a rather pro-homeschooler state compared to some. While I am a small-government, conservative person, some government, some laws are still necessary. If they ignore even basic laws then I worry that they have created a hole for themselves that will cause their family great harm. No I absolutely do NOT think their kids were in any danger or in need of being removed and I do believe the Sherriff’s department is out of line but what if they’d obeyed the basic state laws and not been on the radar? Would this still have happened? maybe maybe not. Either way I pray that this situation is resolved quickly and they get their kids back and end their nightmare.

    • Rebekah Ashley

      Very well said. Don’t feel article is laying it all out on the line. There is more to this story.

  34. In my experience as a licensed child care center director, once a complaint is made, there is rarely an interest in understanding whether the complaint is malicious, self-serving or ignorant, and whether the reality is that the home or school etc, is working for the benefit of children; all that matters is simply that a complaint has been made. Then all kinds of alarms start ringing to make sure every possible agency is called in to make it appear that everyone involved is actively, and seriously pursuing and eliminating any hint of an issue that could ever be twisted into something someone could say had been ignored. The assumption that a complaint is usually legit, in spite of all evidence, is used to fuel thoughts that “where there is smoke there is fire”, and justify all kinds of psychologically, financially and emotionally destructive acts to monitor the situation or family, until someone can “catch” (often actually provoke) the
    target in something that can be construed as proof there was reason for all the attention.

    • Exactly, Sue. Well said.
      If they are in violation of traffic laws (which is presented above as a supposition, only) that still would not be a reason to treat this family the way it has.
      This is an atrocity.
      CPS is to investigate, recommend, make sure the children are safe and cared for adequately. Anyone can see that was going on.
      Fine the dad, or arrest him, if needed. Not the pregnant mom and her children, for pity’s sake.
      They say there is a state connection to child trafficking, that adoptive parents will pay more for children who’ve been raised right…
      Anyone can make any false accusation he wants.
      The purpose of the gov is to sort it out, not to kidnap little children.

    • How I wish that were completely true, but in my stepdaughter’s case I was told they couldn’t take me seriously because I was the stepmother. She was being sexually and physically abused by her stepfather and stepuncle. In the end? She ended up abused until he died.

      But in my case, there was no call. I was just someone who moved into town. And the persecution was horrible. I had to send my baby boy to live with his unstable father to keep him out of a crazy house AFTER child services couldn’t prove me a bad parent. And boy did they try.

      I don’t know if this family is in the right or the wrong. All I know is these things should be handled differently, and if a family is off the grid that shouldn’t matter if the children are clean, fed, warm, and happy. There was an off the grid family that I knew a few years ago. Lost their kids, too. The offense? No tv in the teenage daughter’s bedroom. That’s what started the investigation for them.

  35. This is an outrage! They can not take our freedom away like this!

  36. I’m guessing that this family didn’t belong to HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). Even so I will send this link to them. I know they want to keep abreast of these matters in all 50 states.

  37. these kids are fed and sheltered and loved! There are so many kids out there needing to be saved from physical, mental and/or sexual abuse. Kids that don’t know what love feels like. Kids that go hungry. Kids that have no home. Kids on drugs and selling themselves on the street. That’s the kids that need to be picked up and brought in to save them. These kids have what’s most important, love, happiness, harmony, food, clothes, shelter, and the biggie…they are wanted and taken care of by their own parents and siblings. Leave this family alone and go save some kids that want you to save them. They hope and pray to be rescued. Let this family alone. Are they going to try to lock up all homeschool families? If so, they need to get to building more places to put them because tons of families homeschool and its growing daily. I homeschool mine. Why? Because I want to train them up to be respectful, loving, law abiding citizens. I drive a bus and I can promise you that tons of kids are learning new drugs and how many ppl they can sleep with. I’m not against public school but I am against how kids are being raised and sent to school to keep from having to deal with them. I see it on a daily basis. Go save those little ones and big ones that are waiting to be rescued and given to a loving family! Homeschooling is saving money for the gov so it shouldn’t be an issue. God help this world and what it’s becoming!

  38. 4,140 Dollars in less than 11 hours. I am sure they were targeted because of the assumption they would not be able to hire an attorney. Might just bite the CPS in the ass!

  39. The real problem is the person who complained. No doubt it was some unhappy jealous person who can’t bear to see others happy. Absolutely disgusting!

  40. Since when it is against the law to homeschool???

  41. How can the mom be 5 months pregnant if she has a newborn son who is 16 days old???

  42. Jeanette Potts

    HOMESCHOOLING IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW. An Oklahoma judge just gave 3 daughters back to their mother because cps had the girls in 2 different homes and the mother could provide beds for all 3 in her home! We need to call the Breckinridge County Judges, Kentucky State Senators and State Representatives, and the State CPS! We need to advocate for this family as a nation and group of people. These children look very healthy! DID ANYBODY HEAR BARACK OBAMA SAY, “OUR CONSTITUTION DOES NOT GUARANTEE AN EDUCATION AND THUS WE SHOULD BE ABOLISHING PUBLIC EDUCATION AS WE KNOW IT.”. DID ANYBODY HEAR MIKE HUCKABEE , OF WHOM IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT ON A REPUBLICAN TICKET SAY TWO DAYS AGO, “I WILL TAKE EDUCATION OUT OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL AND HAND IT OVER OR LEAVE IT UP TO EACH INDIVIDUAL STATE!”. President Obama had to go to the Lakota Indian Nation Reservation in South Dakota to leave federal money and issue federal warnings, against the State to cease and desist the taking of Indian Children through local cps units and adopting them out to rich, white, families, of whom could not have children! $$$$$$$$ LEGAL AID HAS BEEN EXPANDED FOR LOW INCOME FAMILIES TO APPLY FOR HELP. (Barack Obama) call them

    • Get your facts straight. Obama did no such thing as stop any state from taking Indian children. Do some freaking research! That particular law has been on the books for years. CPS, in any state, cannot take an Indian child and definitely cannot place one with a non-indian family! My daughter is carded with the BIA, so is her father and all of her siblings and their children. This is NOT about what happened on the reservations prior to the AIM movement. This post is about THIS family and an out of control government. PLEASE read some history books before you do any more comparisons.

  43. Most people are completely unaware of the illegal actions taken by CPS and other federally funded agencies hiding behind the widely misrepresented and commonly abused notion of protecting our nation’s children.

    -The very real conspiracy of medical kidnapping and child-trafficking- Federal financial incentives to CPS and a complicit medical/healthcare industry to steal children for profit, drug trials, and medical experimentation. This is happening right now, nationwide and it could very easily happen to you and your family. The time to get involved is NOW!

    THE CORRUPT BUSINESS OF CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES Senator Nancy Schaefer …”The Adoption and the Safe Families Act, set in motion first in 1974 by Walter Mondale and later in 1997 by President Bill Clinton, offered cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care. In order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective services need more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sells and you must have plenty so the buyer can choose. Some counties are known to give a $4,000 to $6,000 bonus for each child adopted out to strangers and an additional $2,000 for a “special needs” child. Employees work to keep the federal dollars flowing;
    • State Departments of Human Resources (DHR) and affiliates are given a baseline number of expected adoptions based on population. For every child DHR and CPS can get adopted, there is the bonus of $4,000 or maybe $6,000. But that is only the beginning figure in the formula in which each bonus is multiplied by the percentage that the State has managed to exceed its baseline adoption number. Therefore States and local communities work hard to reach their goals for increased numbers of adoptions for children in foster care.
    • that there is double dipping. The funding continues as long as the child is out of the home. There is funding for foster care then when a child is placed with a new family, then “adoption bonus funds” are available. When a child is placed in a mental health facility and is on 16 drugs per day, like two children of a constituent of mine, more funds are involved and so is Medicaid;
    • As you can see this program is ordered from the very top and run by Health and Human Resources. This is why victims of CPS get no help from their legislators …”
    “Some parents did not know where their children were and had not seen them in years. I had witnessed the “Gestapo” at work and I witnessed the deceitful conditions under which children were taken in the middle of the night, out of hospitals, off of school buses, and out of homes …”

    DCFS Exploitation
    Educating The General Public on Foster Care, Adoption and Social Services / CPS / DCFS abuse

    Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Orange County (CA) Child Protective Services Alleges Unwarranted Seizure of Thousands of Children

    For more, visit

    Via – National Liberty Alliance
    Joint Action Suit against CPS/APS
    (If you need help or want to volunteer to help others, keep reading)

    De facto judges, CPS and APS workers are operating a state sanctioned kidnaping racket [RICO]. These predators operating under the color of law are kidnaping our children and seniors for money. They demoralize and destroy the developing minds of our children during their most tender years and our vulnerable parents during their twilight years turning the beginning and end of their lives into nightmares, leaving shattered and distraught families in their wake.

    Because our elected and appointed servants refuse to protect and champion our most precious and hallowed resource, our children, We the People through the Unified United States Common Law Grand Jury will champion this holy cause with a relentless determination to bring justice upon these wicked stewards. We Promise!

    We are a proactive group with the tenacity and motivation to stop these criminals that have seized our courts. It you have an issue with CPS, APS, Family Court and Juvenile Court and you like to join our class action suit and help stop the destruction of our children and families contact an intake receptionists below and begin the process. Let the receptionist know if you can volunteer time to help this cause. Thank You

  44. This “legal kidnapping” is growing and that is not okay. Many parents of fatally or chronically ill children have to worry about being “medically kidnapped”… this is along the same lines. Don’t agree with those in authority, lose your kids. NOT acceptable.

  45. Patricia Shreve

    They are an example to all on earth. I just read this and did not know them previously. I recommend their way of life to everyone on earth. They are an example how to educate, raise and love their children. God Bless them and protect them. May this story be shared all around the world!

  46. did the cops have a court order/ warrants as required under the 4th and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution in there hands to take the kids in the first place if not they just violated the 4th and 14th Amendments by no means let cps or the cops in to the house inless they have one in hand if they try and enter with with out it the faimly can fight back agenst cps and the cops with that alone and its how i keep cps and the cops from bother my faimly when they show up

  47. I think that the government, has way to much control . God gave those children to this couple it says nothing about them abusing their babies , leave these folks along and do your jobs and go get murders and thieves off the streets and get out of our lives , God knows what he is doing that’s why he gave children to a man and a woman , they are called parents ,government needs to keep their a$$ out of it.

  48. This is crazy! It is obvious that these parents take care of there children. What better training and education these kids can have in a safe environment. People need to mind their own business, take care of thier own family.
    I get so tired of the system who will take kids out of an abusive environment and 3 months later give the children back. Some Foster kids who are in bad homes and the system leaves them there. This world is so messed up!

  49. This is my opinion, on why this happened. First of all…..they were WAY too public about their lives. I understand they are proud of how well they are living without help from the government, or any other outside sources, and one should never be afraid to be proud….but in today’s world…be afraid…be very afraid. They are teaching their children how to live without government handouts… to survive not if, but WHEN the S**T hits the fan. This scares the government. This family can survive without help. When you do not need help, you are harder to control. When the power grid goes down, this family and many more like them I am sure, will not be effected, they will not suffer, they will NOT have to run to the government for help. When the store shelves are empty, when looting is happening in every town in America, this family and others like them will not be effected. Their only crime… life without NEEDING the government. I will be praying for this family….that they are reunited soon, and can once again fall off of the radar of the government. This will be hard now since they are ” on the books” Such a shame that a well rounded family has been torn apart at the seams.

  50. Someone needs to contact the ACLU. If this is not a perfect example of infringing on an Americans’ Civil Liberties, I don’t know what is.

  51. This is infuriating. Our governing has become oppressive and self-serving. How dare they pick them up simply because they can see that government run education systems are broken. Why are so many college graduates unemployed?b. Why are so many high school graduates only able to find work that pays well beneath their needs? What is so Damn great about our education system? Many things taught in schools are unnecessary in most careers, they are repetitive rhetoric that puts most children to sleep, and even immoral.. It is time for a revolution if not one of those children says they are unhappy with the daily things they’re learning, or that they aren’t being taught things they are interested in learning. Apprenticeship died when “special schools” taught trades and technical skills but then so did the jobs. I hope they are able to keep this in the limelight and smash them soundly for this obscene abuse of personal rights and freedoms. Unbelievable.

  52. I can hardly believe that anyone has found this surprising in the least. This is how they go about persecuting non believers of the US govt. I had never heard of the Naugler family, but I suspect that there are more. Our govt does not have our best interest in mind and hasn’t for quite some time. I am on the side of the Naugler family, without hesitation for their right to raise their family as they see fit.

    I am not aware of any law on the books anywhere in the USA that states that a child can not be home schooled. There are laws that state that children must attend public school OR it’s equivalent until age 16. There is no requirement to graduate. I don’t believe there is a required protocol as to when or what order any subject is taught, just a general syllabus that is allowed to be tweaked to the child’s ability, age, and any “advanced” subject they are studying. I’m sure each school district has it’s own requirements. I am unsure if any standards of learning tests are required for home schooling or not. I am unsure if there is any minimum education requirement for the parent to home school. Can’t imagine that it would be more than High School Diploma.

    I do wonder where the complaint came from that the Sheriff would arrest the MOM so quickly. I’m sure he knew about the home schooling and self sufficient life style. It really smells of Political Agenda to confuse people as to the real issues. So it appears that the goal here just might be to put Home Schooling in a bad light; kids educated at home are ant-social and isolate from other kids. The parents have something to hide like abuse of the kids. And what ever else can be spun out of this. We most likely won’t hear about the outcome of this.

    I don’t know if they participate in Tea Party functions or even follow them, but they do “look” like it.

  53. I am so sick of hearing the latest CPS conquest! It’s time to take on the unelected overreaching corrupt CPS and be free again and free of them!
    If there aren’t enough truly suffering children in this country that need their help that they have all the time in the world to go after good families with loved and cared for children, we must STOP supporting their sorry arses with our hard earned tax dollars!!!

  54. Here in NY State homeschooling is looked down on. It’s like you become a social outcast in the community. To try to live off grid yes you are viewed as an extremist. It’s really sad that in today’s world one feels like they are forced to live as society commands us to and not a simpler way. Here for every child that CPS is able to get long enough (18 months) the parents loose their parental right’s. Some foster parents even put in request for certain types of children….The county gets 10,000.00 for each child that is open for adoption and the adopting parents get a nice tax break for the adoptive child till age 21 and in some instances longer if in school and living at home. The parents have to work with CPS and make gainful improvements in their situation or at 12 months the paperwork is gotten in order and presented to the clerk of orphan’s court for the cessation of the parents rights at 18 months in state custody…..Do they lie oh my goodness yes clean through their teeth….I wish the very best for this family it’s going to be a long hard road……In all of my years I’ve never seen a family win but there is always hope……I feel so bad for the children who have got to be traumatized by all of this…..

  55. WTF. I thought this was free country.

  56. Pastor Shirley Dail-Rhodes

    People in Kentucky, I am sure, have had enough bad treatment already from the Federal government in the closing of the coal mines. I would think Kentucky people would know how to picket. To stand together.
    I would think that everyone reading this, and those who can pass this info on via their Face Book accts….
    THE GOVENOR’S OFFICE….CALL 502-564-2611. YOUR FAMILY COULD BE NEXT. Let the governor know
    exactly how you feel………………..people can change things…with God’s help. Yes, I will donate.

  57. ubetter23skidoo

    these religious nutjobs had it coming. lock em up and throw away the key!

  58. Ever since 9/11, your government has passed so many laws to crack down on anyone who might be a terrorist. Naturally, the definition of “terrorist” can and has been redefined as anyone your government chooses to target.

    Well guess what, because you Americans fell asleep at the wheel of the car (government), it has gone out of control and you’re heading for a massive crash.

  59. On Nicole Naugler’s Facebook page there’s a “spare the rod, spoil the child” bible quote followed by “So as long as you don’t beat your child…. to death….. you’re okay ‪#‎Godsaid‬”

    I wonder how close to death the child has to be before it’s considered over the line. Maybe they’re not being honest about why CPS is investigating them.

  60. This is ridiculous !! They have no right to take those kids away!!!

  61. THANK YOU, Bernadette!!! You’re so right. Someone needed to go over there and make sure these kids are safe. The dad told his son to get a gun so he could kill his neighbor for not allowing them to get water from their property. When did homeschooling and living off the grid come into play?

  62. Volunteering into national socialism via FICA has horrid consequences.

    NO law compels participation. NO law punishes non-participants.
    But participants lose all rights as they become wards of the state, as do their children.

  63. Nicole (the Mom) pots on her own FB page: So as long as you don’t beat your child…. to death….. you’re okay ‪#‎Godsaid‬ WOW! Wonder why they have had CPS trying to check on these children? It would have be some other reason..

  64. This family was investigated by CPS several times before. Those children were not taken because they homeschool. To imply that is the reason is ridiculous. A lot of people homeschool their kids and CPS never gets involved in their lives. I have no idea why these children were removed from the home, but it could have something to do with the fact that they’re trying to raise 10 kids in a two bedroom shack with no running water or electricity.

    • What’s your point? Generations did it before us. Running water and electricity are not necessary to live a satisfying life. Stop imposing your comfort needs on others as necessity.

    • Bob wants to know

      So who or what gives you the right to dictate how they or anyone else lives on this planet? the only mistake they made is having a Face Book page! They should have stayed off the grid completely and obviously have some form of electricity to be on line! As for their water supply….by the bucket from a local stream or whatever is more then likely better for them then the garbage supplied by any city! We the People of this country have the right to the pursuit of happiness and as our Constitution states the Federal Government has very few powers of authority and it doesn’t include the education of our children or what size house they are raised in or if they have electricity or running water! Look around the world many people live with less than most of the fat big house pigs in America and come out just fine! So sit in your big house drinking beer and watching the NFL and leave these real people alone! All I see is a loving family environment with 10 happy healthy kids being raised by two good parents that more than likely spend more time with their kids then most city parents ever do!

  65. This is absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking. Those poor children, being ripped from their parents, each other and their home, the only life they have ever known. This is wrong on so many levels I do not even know where to begin. This has literally made me sick to my stomach. Praying for this family, praying really hard!

  66. This is what is wrong with our government and cities. They think they know what is best of our family’s . If they would keep there nose out of everyone’s business they could take care of the real problems like drug dealers etc. so leave them alone and let them raise there children. Wish there were more people like them including myself.

  67. That is bull shit if the family wasn’t hurting anybody and their living right and the kids know how to spell read write their names and live off the land then they should be perfectly fine. Oh but yet if they were on TV with their 10 children they’d be perfectly fine homeschooling them and trying to teach them to live off the land as long as it advertised on TV and everybody’s watching it its okay.

  68. This is NOT the America that I remember. I was always told that the USA is a free country but we most definitely are not! I was raised in Ky. and I have seen first hand how the police act like bullies and think that they are above the law. My children have been in the public school system all of their lives and I have friends that homeschool as well. I am fine with both. Its a shame that now when someone has children, its not really their children but the governments child because apparently they can tell us how to raise our kids. I think our country needs to get back to the basics of life. Yes, an education is extremely important but book smarts cannot replace good ol’ common sense. As long as the children are fed, provided for and loved… then the government NEED to keep their noses out of it!

  69. Carol Morrisey

    We need to get back to the Constitution, which guarantees due process. It is tyranny when people are oppressed without a chance to defend themselves. There should have been an investigation and a warrant before any action was taken.

  70. That’s the problem with the government they stick there noses in a family business and worry about what there way of raising their children when they need to worry about the drug dealers and things like that as long as those children are being feed and home a roof over their heads a they are happy that’s all that matters I’d be living off the grid too the government just needs to release the children back to their parents and release the parents from jail and leave them alone again I say if the family is HAPPY LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE

    • You mention that our corrupt government should be doing other things such as worrying about drug dealers. Our government such as the CIA are drug dealers and it is very big business for them. Just look into Bill Clinton when he was Arkansas governor and running drug in and out of the state and to this day our government has not done anything about prosecuting the Clintons for all their crimes. We need to finally stand up against our so called government and tell them enough is enough and we want our country back. These people have every right to raise their children the way they want to and our government needs to butt out of all Americans business that does not concern them. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We have all let our Government take that away from up piece by piece and we just stood by and watched it happen.

  71. Thank God she is getting publicity. This is happening everywhere in the United States children being taken for no reason. Attorney Connie Reguli in Tennessee is fighting also. She’s on blog tv and 6:00 new channel 4 last night. Me and several grandmother’s here in ky fighting for our grandkids to return to us. We don’t want them adopted out. But they are trying to do so. We are in court of appeals and another in supreme Court. We shouldn’t have to do this By taking it that high. But they are wanting to adopt to get money from title IV funds. You get more money for the state agencies to have. Bill Clinton signed it in. Babies are even being snatched right out of the hospital just being born. The threat they do to you is awful. If you have children in the system and you don’t sign them to foster families they say they will take all of your children. Signs up everywhere to foster children. New foster care agencies are rising. Yes some it is good. But kids that family want shouldn’t be in the system God help us all.

  72. I am so sadden by the state of government and police regulating families these days to live a natural life, and how the state keeps on infringing peoples liberals and freedoms. My prays go out to your family and it is my hope your children are returned safe from the state that hates people’s rights. God bless you all

  73. This is totally unaccceptable. Their way of life is normal. The state is a sect and a religion that does not care a dime about anyone, and all these state employees are a disgrace. Only doing their jobs. So pathetic. I’ll do what I can from the other side og the world. (Not better, I’m afraid.) It’s a global problem. Corrupt governments.

  74. What the hell do you need 10 kids for any way?! Don’t they know we have a population issue?!

    • LOL! A population issue? Where’s her “research”? Aren’t 60-million aborted children GOOD enough? Or one-million dead American soldiers, to buy America Her freedom back, again and again, for the past two and a half centuries? Doesn’t she know that America’s geography (and the whole planet’s) can easily accommodate everyone? With room to spare? All they have to do is stop living all in one “popular” place. Example: NYC: 9-million people, living in one city. Las Vegas: nothing but a vast desert, with plenty of room, but it was MADE popular. SLC: nothing but a vast desert, with plenty of room, but it was MADE popular. “Keebs” cracks me up. She obviously doesn’t come from a family of ten… but I DO. She probably lives in an L.A. movie theatre, where Hollyweird makes raising one child and staying married for five years a “major accomplishment”. It’s OK if SHE gets to exist, but she won’t give her royal permission to others. That’s called “playing God”. Yikes. She’s more qualified as The Angel of Death.

  75. Mistake #1……Fedbook!

    • You are so right. Facebook is only a good thing for our Government to get more information about us so they can better control up. People just love Facebook. You think your conversations that you are just sharing with your personal friends and family can not be seen by everyone or anyone that wants to see them. You had better think again. There is nothing wrong with the internet, in fact we would probably not be able to do without it but plastering all your personal information on it is not a very intelligent thing to do.

  76. There are laws about homeschooling which this family probably didn’t follow. Living off the grid doesn’t mean you live outside the law. What morons would allow their children to set their own curriculum? In Kentucky, home schools are considered to be non-public schools. The laws relating to non-public schools also apply to home schools. The outrage should be directed at these irresponsible parents, not the authorities upholding the law.

  77. According to some, THE GOVERNMENT OWNS YOUR CHILDREN! You as parents, have no rights over them. You are only “permitted” to raise them (at your expense) as long as you do so in a government approved manner.

  78. Jaye Williams Rouse

    Please HSLDA defend this family! If they aren’t already members, I’m sure there are enough people who believe in the right to homeschool and live this way to cover the membership fee!

  79. Please, someone with the eloquence and more knowledge of thus family, please consider starting a petition on to help this family. I’ve seen a lot of good come from those petitions. Worth a shot!

  80. this is an outrage. These people have rights and however they live is their choice ( as long as children are taken care of in which it seems they were). I’m a homeschool mom and everyone of your children are different and learn differently. She as s mother knows that and that is why she chose to school them at what is best for their abilities. I wish we could live off the grid, it’s a better lifestyle and you don’t have be plugged into today’s society that continues to crumble at an alarming rate! Plus there are things to learn hands on when you aren’t stuck inside s classroom that most children don’t know how to do because they waste their Entire day away from their parents indoors learning what the government thinks they should learn. I believe the parents are to be the teacher of their children and not the world. Kids learn things they shouldn’t know from other kids that aren’t being watched by their parents, they are being bullied just being who they are. I’m not against public school but I think homeschool is better and you teach your children what they actually need to know and you get to skip things like ” the Big Bang theory” ( exactly just a theory) why should my child have to learn about something that is not proven to be true and I don’t believe in? Just because the government says so. The government should not have this much control.. You can’t just walk into someone’s home and take their kids without peacefully first seeing if there is a need to. Just because they live their life the way they want to. We all need to support this family in any way we ca. Whether is financially or through prayer. Just because it’s not your family doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you. We need to fight for our rights as U.S. Citizens and parents of our children.

  81. Universe and all and any higher power that may be, please look over this family and give them back their peace and sanity. <3

  82. “ubetter23skidoo
    May 8, 2015 at 3:12 am
    these religious nutjobs had it coming. lock em up and throw away the key!”


  83. They were not arrested or the children removed because they are off grid. Children are not removed from families unless there is DOCUMENTED abuse or neglect, or unless the parents are in violation of some law. If they are not in full compliance with Kentucky’s homeschool laws, that may be why they were taken. I homeschooled through high school, and believe me i know plenty of people who never even advised the state of florida that they were homeschooling, and were totally off grid. If you choose to go that way, you know the risk you are taking. Looking at this family I have to ask, was it worth it? I know most of us don’t agree that the state has this type of authority regarding homeschooling, but in reality and practical fact, they DO and they can choose to excercise that authority at any time. Better to advise the state you are homeschooling, submit yearly evaluations or tests and stay legal, so that you don’t give them a legal reason to come for your kids, EVEN IF you don’t agree that they have that legal authority.

    • Michelle Jacobs-Anderson

      am sure Robin that after 10 kids and a website, the family was following any rules of the state for homeschooling, yet they were not homeschooling, they were unschooling. a totally different program. you are sadly misinformed if you think this family didnt follow some rule of the state to have their family obliterated like this, states profit from child trafficking, this family was targeted as they had not one cute smart adoptable kid, but 10 of them to traumatize abuse and drug and run through the ringer, that is huge major profit for any corrupt state agency interested in higher federal funding gains…i pray for this family they are smart enough to beat the system and fight to get their kids back. i followed all the rules and they threatened to take and drug my son for homeschooling. any one is a target, a large family is an especially nice target. they should have had no trespassing signs posted and known their rights whcih many people do not know when states attack good families.

  84. Frank Flanagan

    If…these kids can read and write and speak at grade level, then the government should stay out of their business! The schools are cesspools of ignorance, violence, sex, boredom, drug usage, and hopelessness for working class kids. How would I know? I taught on and off in the public school for 25 years, and yes, I did home school my OWN kids for a bit, against the wishes of many ignorant, well meaning folks, including family members. By the way, my kids ended up in the Ivy League, and I know the intensive home schooling learning period made all the difference. Go figure. Anyone attacking home schooling is really just attacking democracy and America itself. If this family was terrorized over one anonymous call, then heads should roll in city hall, social services and the police department. Lawsuits galore!

  85. This is truly unjust. Children need to be raised with holsome values and respect. Unless the parents did some outlandish there is no reason for anyone to step in and remove those kids. They all look happy and healthy. The parents should be applauded for the teaching they have passed on to their kids.

  86. Those poor kids. I hope that are returned to their parents quickly. This is so wrong on so many levels.

  87. I’m sorry if I make anybody mad but I think that CPS had reason to be concerned. IN a few of the picture the children under 14 are holding hunting rifles with no adult in the picture. This is bad since it gives the impression that there is no adult supervision for the children. IN some states children can not even be shown picture under the age of 14 holding a gun by themselves. In other picture the children are shooting 22 rifles from the porch while the other children are standing out on the lawn.

    Free Range are not the greatest thing no matter what web sites like this claim. These people are bums with no jobs who sell whatever they can find to get by. That is not a sustainable life for a family. Also they live in a tough shed with no interior walls and all the beds are next to each other which means the children of both genders have no privacy when getting dressed. This is a no-no and these photos are on their Facebook page. I think that attention needed to be paid by the government in this case.

    • You’re a bum with no life making ridiculous judgments about a family that you don’t even know. If they’re well taken care of, well fed, provided for and happy, then yes, they are sustainable. It might not be your ideal living circumstances, but who do you think you are?

    • Also, they will ask people if they can get a couple gallons of water and will get buckets and buckets of water, to where people do not want to help because it is costing them hard earned money.

      The father does not provide for his family and the children do everything while the parents sit on the internet or watch tv. Please explain how you afford internet but you cannot afford other basic necessities for your family?

  88. I am so disgusted with the actions of these idiot police and government to these people!!! I am so alarmed that anyone that doesnt like you can or agree with your life style ( no matter how different from mine it can be ) can call and report anonymously and have this devastation on a family. There are rules and laws about this and I hope and pray , as promised by God, that they will have double for their trouble blessed on them and that who ever reported them gets double the hurt for using false witness against a good and honest people! I will share the little I have with these people and keep them in my prayers! I hope they sue everyone that is attached with this and where are the protest , the vigils, where is the voice of this nation as we lose our rights! Fascist United States of America!

  89. Public schools? Home Schooling? Unschooling? Know the facts and the history before opening your mouths. Public schooling was invented for one reason. Funnel kids into buckets. Not sure what I mean?
    There is a brief video “Education Is NOT The Same As Schooling” on YouTube. Please check it out if the link I have posted does not make this post.

  90. The state thinks it owns your children. If they don’t agree with how you’re raising them, you’re screwed.

    If you live off the grid these days.. You truly need to be off the grid!
    No pictures or vids online.. That’s the catch.

  91. By this logic Abraham Lincoln’s parents should have been locked up for abuse too. Crazy!

  92. It amuses me that CPS can think these kids would be better off in custody or a foster home where everyone is ‘plugged in’ and the kids will essentially be neglected compared to the ample family time they shared in their simple beautiful life. What happened to our free country?

  93. Get this to the top of the page Look up Karl Lentz, he has gotten kids back!

  94. So what’s next, we go and arrest theAmish and take their kids away because they choose to live the same life style.

  95. It’s incidents like this that make conspiracy nuts sound less and less nutty.

  96. that’s so unfair, just goes to show how our legal system works! They would let a drug parent or an abusive parent keep there childre, what is wrong with this country. Prayers for those children so they may have their parents back in their lives and not the system, that will mess them up

  97. I guess Amish and Mennonite families are off the grid. Many educate to 8th grade only and then they farm ( AKA live off the land). Some have no indoor facilities, no indoor water, no internet, no electricity. Are their children abused? Hardly! SO I guess they can claim religious reasons. They should. I will bet their kiddos are smarter than the average Ghetto thug to say the least. I guess then we should all criticize the Religious groups? THEY came to this country hundreds of years ago to escape religious persecution. Let me tell you many of those ( 8th grade graduates) can pass a GED , which is more than I can say for many inter-city kids that dropped out in 10-12 grade.
    Leave these people alone for Heaven’s sake.

  98. Vicki Brown
    If I were a child I would “choose” to live in Disney World. I wonder how that would work out? I guess you think the children should be able to “choose” what they eat too……are you an executive for McDonalds or something?

  99. You all are being lied to. This family has had cps called on the numerous times before and not for unschooling.

  100. Bobbie Worster

    This is a disgrace. I am praying for this family. The government is intrusive in things they have not business in which to interfere.The children are well and safe. Whoever reported them need to get educated as to how families can be different and well.

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